Research Paper on Positive Effects of Video Games

Today, the experts are sure about positive effects of video games and believe that they help develop qualities that people can use in everyday life.

Until recently, the more accepted view was that violent video games had a negative impact on the gamers’ mental health and hinder them to adapt to society. Allegedly being carried away with video game, people are at risk to grow fat and depressive. Gaming addiction is a serious problem, there even are some specialized clinics for the treatment of the gamers, and the Internet addicted.

Those college students, who are seeking to prepare a good research on the topic must know that most studies on the video games effecting our mental ability are dedicated to the study of its negative effects: addiction, increasing aggression and depression. However, as noted by the researchers at the Naumen University – authors of the review articles published in the journal of the American Psychological Association The American Psychologist – the problem requires a balanced approach.

A new study by Mark Griffiths at the University of Nottingham shows that the process of the game has a number of positive effects: education, increased self-esteem, improved coordination. There is no evidence that video games, if played for a reasonable period, have a negative effect on the person.”

The analysis of a number of scientific publications has shown a number of positive effects of video games. It seems that they are able to improve the spatial orientation, logical thinking, memory, and perception of the playing person. This is particularly true of the first person shooters. A recent study found that the ability to manipulate 3D objects improves gamer skills not less than a real training aimed at developing the same abilities. Strategic and role-playing games increase the ability of solving problems. They also can affect the ability to think creatively. Finally, simple video games often allow you to reduce anxiety and improve your mood as well as strengthen your emotional stability.

They give a good workout for the brain. In many games, winning implies a good deal of high-level abstract thinking. Some other mental skills, which can be acquired in the game include ability to follow instructions, solve problems, and make decisions, in addition, we can talk about logic and coordination of the visual and skeletal system improvement.

Successful gaming implies ability to move and shoot at the same time. For players this means keeping track of many parameters, such as movement in space, speed, aiming, analyzing of the chosen style of plying and so on. All these factors have to be taken into account and, of course, the brain must process received visual information and coordinate it with the muscles of the hands and fingers. This entire process needs great concentration, eye and hand coordination, spatial thinking in order to be effective.

Some research shows that the video games experience improves skills in surgery, where the eye and the finger define the maximum precision. In addition, it should be mentioned that it has been scientifically proven that today’s pilots are better because they have access to the video games.

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