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Today, Sci-fi movies are associated primarily with the adaptations of the comic series or the teenagers oriented bestselling books. That is, frankly, not a real sci-fi, where the first word stands for science. Interstellar,
directed by Christopher Nolan, who directed the Batman trilogy, has been shot to improve the situation and become the blockbuster, which cherishes the ideas of real scientists.

I do not really understand the modern physics, but in general, Interstellar makes a great impression. There are huge space ships, and various paradoxes and unexplained natural phenomena, which is not at all boring in their details and explanations. They say, it is not without blunders, but they do not hinder you to enjoy the movie.

For me as an average moviegoer, the plot, atmosphere, characters is much more important. And here Nolan put all in perfect order. The plot is good enough even for a three-hour of the opus, you will not be bored for a minute. The atmosphere of deep space is dramatized by the epic music by Zimmer. And the characters are lovingly acted by the great actors, who are, I believe, the most talented in our time.

First of all, of course, Matthew McConaughey, who in recent years, it seems finally find his path after the long quest among the Hollywood hills.

His character is simply irresistible, though he may seem too rustic. As well as Anne Hathaway’s character reveals the deepest features of the human nature. And, of course, Michael Caine and Matt Damon, who both put on quite a bit of screen time, but they did it for reason. Especially Kane, who has long been considered a talisman of Nolan, more decoration than a full-fledged hero. In Interstellar, he is full of surprises.

Another acting I want to mention is that of Mackenzie Foy, playing the role of the protagonist. After the debut in the Twilight, Interstellar is a great achievement.

One of the main advantages of Interstellar, like any really big and entertaining movie is something that everyone will find something of their own in it. For some people it is a movie about black holes, wormholes and other fifth dimensional mysteries, and others this movie is about love that can overcome any obstacles, distance, gravity and all that stuff. However, for me, as for many others, I guess, Interstellar is a long waited sci-fi movie, where there are real laws of space travelling, which, it may seem, are not boring at all. I think that we have witnessed a masterpiece by Chris Nolan that will probably become a new landmark in the entertainment industry and will have a serious impact on the future creation of such a plan.

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