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A robotic arm is a mechanical manipulator with functionality similar to a human arm. A robotic arm is made up of a number of segments, which are connected together by pivotal joints, where the transformation and/or rotation are possible. These parts together form a kinematic chain. The manner in which the components are connected to one another and how they can move mutually determines the number of degrees of freedom of the robotic arm.
At its end, the robotic arm is equipped with a tool with which the robotic can carry out a task, such as hold or twisting anything.

A robotic arm is driven by actuators (type of electric motors). Inverse kinematics is used to calculate how the actuators have to move the tool at the end of the robotic arm to a certain position and orientation. The movement of a robotic arm is subject to movement planning.

A robotic arm can be manually controlled through the control panel or a robotic arm can be programmed to perform tasks independently.

In health care, the robotic arm is also used as a tool. Thus it can be used to help people with disabilities, as a result of a spinal cord injury, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, neurological disease, or old age. The purpose of the robotic is to increase independence for those who depend on many everyday actions of a caregiver. The robotic arm also influences the quality of life in a positive way, because a human being by nature wants to be autonomous.

A well-known application of robotic arms is the industry: for the production of all kinds of products, robotic arms are used to automate processes. Robotic arms are usually used for 3D jobs: Dull, Dirty and Dangerous, jobs too dull, dirty, or dangerous for humans. Robotic arms are used for example in factories with a conveyor belt to weld parts together.

The first industrial robotic arm, Unimate, was inaugurated in 1961 in the General Motors plant in New Jersey. He was used there in casting iron.
Certain spacecraft, including exploration robotics, space stations, and space shuttles, possess a robotic arm to perform tasks. These are remotely controlled, or in the case of manned spacecraft, by the astronauts on board the spacecraft.

Robotic arms are now also used in amusement parks to entertain visitors. These attractions, known as Robocoasters, make use of one or more robotic arms to move the passengers back and forth. The first Robocoaster was inaugurated in 2003 at Legoland Billund in Denmark. Other parks where Robocoaster is found are Legoland in Germany and the French Futuroscope.

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