Cell Phone Security Research Paper

Cell phone security is a very popular topic for writing an interesting research paper.

Cell phone security is methods and remedies to ensure the confidentiality of information exchange between subscribers. Monitoring of cell phone calls is one of the most common types of industrial espionage and actions of criminal elements. The reasons are simple: low costs and risk of threats, remote position of the perpetrator, a variety of ways and places for the information retrieval, etc. Cell phone calls may be monitored in any spot of the network area using a cellular telephone. Given the current cost of information technology, cell phone security will rapidly develop and evolve.

The basis of any information security system, any plan of counteractions is knowledge of threats and their hazard degree. Currently, HF, VHF, radio relay, troposphere and space communication channels as well as cable and fiber-optic communication lines are used in the cell phone systems.

Depending on the specifications of communication channels, interception channels can be divided into electromagnetic, and of electrical induction.

Modern means and methods of protection against interception of telephone conversations show the number and variety of threats to their feasibility.

Broadly, there are two ways to counter:

  • physical protection of information, including barrage jamming, neutralizers, filters and detectors of information leakage channels;
  • cryptographic means of the information protection.

Barrage jamming is intended for use with wired telephone lines (protection area “phone – automatic switching center”). The jamming is usually generated outside the band of the speech signal and is greater than its nominal level by several orders of magnitude. The presence of strong interference prevent all the simple contact and contactless devices to hear distinguishable talk in the line. In the user’s phone there is no noise pollution due to pre-passive high-pass filtering the input signal.

Unlike barrage jamming, neutralizers are used to create irreversible and reversible changes in the pin devices for unauthorized connection to the telephone line. The principle of operation of these devices is simple: they create on the phone line transient high (about 1500 volts) voltage, which fries unauthorized access devices.

Other security devices operate on the principle of converting a voice signal. Passing the entire line in a modified (protected) form, the signal comes to the client’s phone, where it is converted into recognizable speech. In this case, simple listening methods are ineffective, but there is necessity to buy the proper equipment for each phone you want to have a secure line. Currently, experts consider cryptographic protection of telephone conversations as the only method that gives guaranteed protection calls.

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