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School dress code is a set of regulations for students for wearing their uniform during their being at school and on official school events out of school. There are different points of view on that, whether a compulsory dress code is needed in general.

If you are willing to write a decent research paper on school dress code it would be usefull to look throgh some free sample papers on the topic, which can teach that the basic opinions and supporting them reasons are the following:

  • School uniform, as well as any uniform, disciplines students, improves solidarity, creates in the students feeling of community, collectivism, common cause and general goals.
  • School uniform eliminates (or at least, limits) possibility of competition between students (and between their parents) on the quality of dressing and thus on income level, considerably reduces a visual difference between students from families of different material sufficiency, preventing stratification on the rich/poor principle.
  • If school dress code is accepted at state level, it allows to guarantee that the clothing of schoolchildren will comply with the sanitary-hygenic requirements of the institution and will not affect negatively student health.
  • School dress code allows to subsidize its production, keeping low prices and taking off from poor families part of burden of charges on educating of their children.

For most high and senior schools of Japan school uniform is obligatory. Every school has its own dress code, but actually there are not too many variants. Usually, it is white shirt, dark jacker and pantaloons for boys, and white shirt, dark jacket and skirt for girls, or a sailor fuku, which is a sailor-suit. The uniform also includes big bag or brief-case. Such a style is just the copy of the British naval form of beginning of the XIX century.

In the USA and Canada, many private schools have their own dress code. In public schools there is no common uniform, although some of them adopt their own dress code.

The largest European country sticking to school uniform is Great Britain. In many of its former colonies school dress code was not anniented after proclamation of their independence, it is actual in Australia, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Ireland, South Africa, and Cyprus.

There is no school dress code in Germany, but there are debates about its introduction. Recently some schools introduced uniform, being not a uniform in usual sense because students can participate in its development. It should be noted that even in the days of the Third Reich schoolchildren did not have to wear a uniform, they could wear everyday clothes.

In Belgium school uniform is only used in some catholic schools, and also in the private schools founded by the British. A typical clothing is pantaloons and skirts of navy blue, white or blue shirt and tie.

On Cuba a form is obligatory for all schools of students and higher educational establishments.

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