Research Proposal on Gender Disparity

Gender disparity is the phenomenon of division of the human beings according to the male and female gender and dedication of the social roles on the basis of the human gender. Historically, male gender was always dominant in the human society. Men had all possible rights and freedoms, while women were supposed to fulfill the role of the mother and maintenance of the peace and security of the household. Gender disparity is also closely connected with gender based violence, like sex trafficking and forced marriages, which still exist in the human society. Nowadays, the problem of gender disparity is partially solved, because women have the same rights and duties as men have, but still prejudices have remained and women feel the effect of gender inequality in numerous spheres of human life. First of all it is domestic violence.

When the woman reports about the accident of this kind to the police, the call is most often treated not seriously. Speaking about career making, women still have problems, because the majority of bosses and managers of the highest links are men and they do not treat female employees as the equal ones, believing the quality of their work and the entire approach toward the work is poor. Then, in many countries young women still have problems with the free access to education, occupation of the professions connected with technologies and “man’s work”, like drivers, IT administrators, etc. Gender disparity is often not limited by simple prejudice but with the real sex discrimination, for example, the woman can not be employed just because she is a woman (in spite of the fact that she is well-educated and skilful expert).

Gender disparity is one of the most relevant social problems and the humanity should take as many efforts as possible to solve it. The student is able to observe the issue in detail and prepare a research proposal which would demonstrate the most urgent and problematic points of the matter.

The research project will become interesting to the professor only if the student completes a logical and well-formatted brief text with the core issues which require research. Moreover, one should select the appropriate methods for the investigation in order to make the project on gender disparity successful and up-to-date.

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