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News from Pakistan often resemble reports of warfare. Not a week goes by that the country has been not rocked by the terrorist attacks, blowing tens or even hundreds of lives. According to the Government of Pakistan for the period from 2003 to the present time, the terrorists killed more than 40 thousand people. Direct and indirect losses exceeded 70 billion dollars.

Use free sample research paper on terrorism in Pakistan to understand that the President Asif Ali Zardari said that “terrorist cells have been artificially created and nurtured by previous governments with the short-term tactical objectives.” However, before the advent of terrorism in its modern form, Pakistan went through a period of violence, to a great extent prepared the current situation.

After the separation of India and Pakistan in 1947, in Pakistan separatist sentiments began to grow that led to the introduction of martial law in 1956. In 1960, the Bengalis in East Pakistan started the uprising that turned into a war for independence. As a result, the Republic of Bangladesh seceded from Pakistan and became independent.

Situation in the country was radically complicated further by the President Zia-ul-Haq (1977-88) when he decided to consolidate the society through a campaign of Islamization, which he started in 1980. The Islamist movement has been formed within the country. In addition to the territorial disputes with India there grew up a factor of religious extremism.

Zia-ul-Haq pulled Pakistan into the war in Afghanistan against the Soviet Army and began forming units of the Mujahideen, who gradually took control of the border area with Afghanistan controlled by tribes. Islamabad dreamed of subordination Afghanistan to its influence. The policy of the state, to create a network of mujahideen, intertwined with the illegal flow of weapons and drugs from the “Golden Triangle”. Pakistan’s spy agencies were mired in cooperation with the illegal arms dealers and heroin, and it became the Union for many years.

Thus, the cause of an enabling favorable climate for terrorism in Pakistan was the ideology of religious extremism propagated including by the State with the active role of the Pakistani authorities in the establishment of terrorist networks.

Originally terrorism in Pakistan was of a man-made origin. Islamabad massively prepared and trained the mujahideen for sending them to Afghanistan. Terrorists were trained and armed by the Pakistani military, as well as American and British instructors. Soon these groups were “points of growth” for the movement “Taliban” and “Al Qaeda.”

In a sense, the idea of ??Zia-ul-Haq to overthrow the government of Najibullah in Afghanistan with the help of his network was a success. However, after coming to power and finding the status of an independent force, “Taliban” began to come out from under the control of Islamabad.

Nevertheless, in the 90 years the cooperation of the Pakistani authorities with the Taliban went on increasing.

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