Research Paper on Future of Web Services

The future of web services will have a tendency to move from a specific computer to a remote server.

To see this, we need only think of how many people playing online games, instead of using their your computers or game consoles. The same applies to applications of other nature, more utilitarian.

So, what a new web service type can bring to life of an average user? First of all, he or she will not need to buy expensive office programs. Instead of buying such expensive licensed software as Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, and the like, the user will pay a minimal fee for using such services remotely. This greatly will relieve the RAM of your computer, and save you some money.

Of course, the main condition for the smooth operation of SaaS services technology is a stable broadband Internet access, which would not reset the results of long work due to the connection failures. However, it has almost become a reality for most people.

The same applies to more specialized software such as accounting, drawing, and math. Instead of ordering them for a lot of money, you can simply enjoy them on the rights of the remote user.

It is difficult to say how quickly the most popular programs, such as video processing and 3D-graphics creating software, will became available as good quality web services, as they would require a very high speed internet connection and very powerful servers on the other side, but in principle it is likely that this is not far off.

And that’s not to mention all the usual services such as file storage, online banking etc.

So that the development of web projects has maximum advantage in this direction – it is here that the future of the Internet finds the most tangible features.

This is a great destination for investment or start-ups, which can become the most successful IT-market sector in the most near future.

Speaking more concretely on the web services, Google may be expected gaming platform Game Center for Android (according to other sources – PlayGround), which will compete with similar project from Apple, titled Mashable. Experts also predict the launch of the unified communications platform under the name Babel, which seems possible within the service for video conferencing Google Hangouts. Thus, such a “hub” will be able to unite web services for Instant Messaging and Talk Messenger, Internet telephony Google Voice, as well as already mentioned Hangouts.

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