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Thomas Hobbes, born 5 April 1588 in Westport (now part of Malmesbury), Wiltshire, died 4 December 1679 at Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire, was an English political theorist and philosopher.

Thomas Hobbes was born April 5, 1588, two months early. His father, also named Thomas Hobbes, was a priest, but nevertheless was likely illiterate, he could just say some prayers and obligatory texts, it is also said that he hated learning Hobbes’ father were arguing outside the church door one day and knocked down a priest from the neighboring township. He was then deposited and fled to London, where he died under unknown circumstances. Thomas Hobbes was then looked after by his uncle. Hobbes distinguished himself early on in school, especially in the Greek and Latin classical literature, and began studying at Magdalen Hall in Oxford in 1603, which was much influenced by Aristotelian ideas. In 1608 he graduated. He worked as a teacher and, among others, of a future Earl of Devonshire, and the Prince of Wales (1646-1648).

Use free sample research papers on the topic to know Thomas Hobbes’ most famous work is the Leviathan which came out in 1651, There he described the mechanical laws that strictly control everything in nature, including human behavior. Man’s natural behavior is according to Hobbes selfish and focused on survival. Human ambitions, according to Hobbes, are to rise above other people and gain one’s own benefits. In the state of nature, Hobbes writes, the whole life is a war of all against all (“bellum omnium contra omnes”). To avoid such a state, it was necessary to create a state power, a Leviathan, which by this time was tantamount to a sovereign, an autocrat, whose function was to protect the people. In his life’s work, he describes Leviathan in detail how protection against war, theft, etc., maintained through a social contract in which citizens give power to the State (head of state) to, in return, be eligible for protection. When Hobbes was 84 years old he wrote his autobiography in Latin and at age 87 he translated the “Iliad” and “Odyssey”, he said he did it because he had nothing else to do. Hobbes tried to create a coherent philosophy and wanted to use the same methods in all fields, in his theories of nature, of man and of society and state. He wanted all to be be based on scientific principles.

Hobbes was much criticized in his time. He was accused of being an atheist, but he assumed the existence of God and the Bible story when he wrote about the development of civilization. On the other hand, he may have done this in order to avoid accusations of atheism, which at the time was seen as something absolutely terrible.

Hobbes has in the present day also been thoroughly criticized by Friedrich von Hayek in The big mistake. Socialism fallacy where Hayek reasoned about the primitive individualism that Hobbes‘ theories were based on, and concluded that it is a myth and that the savage instincts must be collectivist, whereby Hobbes reasoning failed.

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