Term Paper on AVL Trees

AVL tree is the self-balancing binary search tree in computer sciences. For every AVL tree the height of its two sub trees does not differ for more than 1. The letters AVL can be deciphered after the name of the inventors of the tree – G. M. Adelson-Velskii and E. M. Landis. It was the first concept of the data structure of this type and it was designed by the two scientists from USSR in 1962. The invention was very useful, because it made a great contribution into mathematics and computer sciences which appeared later. In the roots of balancing of the AVL trees lies the operation of making the heights of the two sub trees equal to 2, while the main and the sub trees have the difference in height in no more than 1. The operation is followed by tree rotation which is supposed to maintain the heights of the sub trees. AVL trees are applied in computer sciences to find the required information in the data basis. Due to its complicated but logical composition, the tree enables experts to find the information rapidly. AVL trees are used to sort the result of searching, to improve the speed of searching, etc.

The issue about AVL trees is useful for every student who plans to connect his occupation with information technologies, mathematics and computer sciences. One can dwell on the practical observation of the trees in order to understand the approach towards calculation of the properties, the design of the trees, their practical application and their value for the development of information technologies. One can also focus on the history of the method mentioning the inventors, the cause of their research and the result of their invention for the science.

The student is supposed to read about the problem a lot in order to realize the details of the matter and study the peculiarities of the construction of AVL trees, their modification and usefulness in searching for the data in databases. The student can face many problems while researching the topic, because he has not only to dwell on the practical part of the research, but should present theory which would describe the whole process in detail. Finally, the young person can think about the application of AVL trees in other branches of computer sciences.

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