Video Game Design Research Paper

Video game design means development of video game. Video game development involves two companies, one of which is the developer and the other is publisher. Developer is the company, which directly creates a game and in general is completely focused on the technical component of the development process.

The entire video game industry is conditionally divided into two parts: large companies and indie developers. The large companies publish AAA games, which are aimed at a wide audience and meet the needs of a very large number of people (a kind of pop products, however, of a very high quality); the indie developers are developing low-cost game and sell it themselves.

The simplest games are created for 2-3 months, while complex projects can take a couple of years. There are as well the so-called never-ending projects developed for nearly 10 years. Only very few large company can survive without selling for so long, and even only when there is unfading interests to the project from the investors.

Creating games is a long and complex process consisting of various stages, which includes both technical and creative moments. That is why, for the most part, the games are not a product made by individuals, but the entire development team. Every single person in the team is an expert in his field of expertise.

Thus, the team is calculated, needed for the whole period of a game development and budget is allocated. You can spend 20 thousand as well as 20 million directly on the game development, but both projects may not be viable. The main costs are borne by the office rent, staff costs, utilities (most serious costs are high speed Internet connection and electricity), the order of third-party content. Today a rare developer creates everything by himself, even some game engines are purchased, not to mention the model textures, sounds, and other content.

The game outsourcing when producing some game elements will be passed to third parties gets more popular. For example, it costs a lot to keep your own voice actors. Motion capture studio requires sophisticated equipment and serious computing power, so these are special company. Sometimes even the developer only does basic programming, giving the rest to outsourcing. It is advisable, since it saves the most important resource, which is time.

Such activity involves serious risks. Ingenious design can be recognized and even to make a breakthrough in the game industry, but at the same time it can blatantly to not pay off, not to mention any profit. So many publishers and working under the scheme that minimizes these risks; the most frequent example is taking the franchise to the movie or book.

Another serious problem is piracy, today there perhaps are no game that would not be given freely on the Internet by some pirates who hacked it.

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