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How to improve your academic performance? How to get good grades? How to forget about C, D, and F during a semester? Here are the main questions that simply needed to be answered. And the interesting thing is there is the answers. There are plenty of white, grey, and black tricks using which you can fix your grades and that’s not counting the diligent learning. But I must say that I will divide all the questions in two groups: “how to learn better” and “how to get good grades or even fix bad ones without putting too much efforts.” Of course, I strongly recommend the first option, it works perfectly and you will benefit from the knowledge you will get from learning. That is why you came to college, right? On this, I’ll write here. Oh, and how to fix your grade, using all sorts of tricks we’ll talk in another essay on getting good grades, without putting too much efforts.”

Learning is a skill. First, we must learn how to learn, and only then learn the rest. Here are the rules following which you will be able to do all your (of course not all, but some) homework, understand given material (well again, at a level it should be understood, but not too deep), pass all the tests with at least B in your pocket, and generally learn better.

  1. You can only learn something by learning it. If you do not learn what you supposed to, you may read whatever you want about the subject, the situation will not change. If you decide to get good grades for good performance, then you can do it and it’s going to be easy, but if tomorrow you lose the desire to learn, nothing will help you. So, having understood that learning is not difficult, but it takes some time, we are going to improve our academic performance.
  2. Homework is above all. Without it, whatever you might say, the learning will not do. It is something that gives you firm knowledge on the topic and will definitely shows during the next test. No, it is not necessary to work like crazy and follow some stupid advices to always complete all you’ve been assigned to. Let’s be realistic. You just have to set priorities. Without fixing the schoolwork at home, all this is going to waste. And that’s a fact. Do your homework and you are half way there. But how? There is so much and there is no time?! Read paragraphs 3 and 4.
  3. Plan your time. This is the main thing that helps in doing your homework. Calculate the time you spend per week on sleep, school, travel, food, and extra classes, celebrations, family holiday, and all sorts of other activities and subtract it all out of 168 hours. Surprised? Yes, you can spend at least 2.5 hours per day on your homework and have enough time to do the rest. You just have to plan when you do what you do.
  4. Homework is not a hard labor and you know it yourself. It often happens that you sit at your computer and you think: “there is a freaking lot to do. The assignment is so huge in it’s not the fact it’ll be checked by teacher. Let me pass this one and next time I do the best I can.” And the truth is, it is often not that we didn’t do our homework because we did not understand the topic. Rather, we are lazy. But why the job is so repulsive? It is rather a stereotype: homework = hard work. But as we sit and look it through, we understand there is nothing to it.
  5. The teacher is your friend. All is quite logical: If you think of your teachers as your enemy, you will fight your enemy, it is a simple psychology. Of course to be friends with your teacher doesn’t mean you can invite him to cinema, but this is very important to always be polite, do not show any contempt or aggression and to consult him as often as you need. When your teacher see you are interested in learning something you will see the difference in his attitude soon enough.

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