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Voice browser is an app capable to understand and synthesize the speech.

As speech recognition technology added accuracy and ease of use, the promise of Conversational Computing Corporation (Redmond, Washington) to finally liberate Internet users from the mouse and keyboard becomes more and more real.

Use free sample research papers on Voice browser to learn that in an effort to bring that day closer Conversay (another popular company name) is about to present Conversay Voice Surfer – an optional application for the Internet Explorer by Microsoft, which will allow to surf the Web, using some voice commands.

First to be released beta Voice Browser, which is a modernized Conversay Web 3.2 – a desktop application that runs as an IE add-on. The main improvement will be a toolbar with voice level indicator – a horizontal strip along its length indicates the volume of the voice commands, and the color – the quality of their identification.

Voice Browser allows you to translate to speech almost any link to Web-page – whether it is represented by a flag drop-down list, image, logo or button, because, as explained by manufacturers, Conversay software connects to a numbered voice-activated tag for each link.
The command Read me the links, based on the Conversay proprietary technology of speech synthesis, lets you preview links without looking at the screen. As for working with Voice Browser it is enough to be able to speak and perceive speech, the manufacturer assures that work with this product does not require any training.

In May, the company plans to release an upgraded application developer kit for voice browser that lets you embed them in the audio recording format WAV. By the end of the year is expected a Voice Browser version for wireless devices.

Many believe that the Voice Browser will be useful for people with various disabilities or those who do not have extensive experience with the computer.

And absolutely everyone agrees that a speech interface should find wide application in the workplace.

IT system architect from Gannett Co. newspaper group (Arlington, Virginia) and eWeek corporate partner Gary Gunnerson is thrilled with the possibilities offered by apps such as Voice Browser: “Speech Recognition is a technology that is still too new, but it certainly becomes a part of everyday life even in your lifetime. For human beings it is a natural way to communicate.”

In early March Conversay announced another improvement of its product – Conversation Server. This platform provides an interface with a voice information content via the telephone line network. According to the manufacturer, in version 1.6 there is the notification system for the personal communications service by means of SMS support, the support of speech recognition and synthesis in German and additional audio playback controls; In addition, the developers have increased control over the accuracy of speech recognition and synthesis.

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