Development of Action Research Proposal

Development of action is the branch of the human psychology which is focused on the process of the development of the human socially important activities, like emotions, thoughts, actions, etc. Development of action is an important side of the human psychological development, because without the well-developed emotional and intellectual activity it will be impossible to survive in the human society. The human life is not a static phenomenon, but a dynamic process which requires constant decision making, solutions of the different problems, interpersonal communication, education, work, etc.

Development of action touches upon the process of the emotional development of the human being from the early years of her life, so the issue is most often connected with education and developmental psychology.

There are many theories and approaches towards the research of the problem on development of action which are based on the basic concepts created by the well-known psychologists.

The experts learn about the ways how the human emotions develop, what periods of the child’s life are most vulnerable for the emotional development of the human being, how the child goes through the process of socialization and obtains the required qualities for the life in the society. Then, the problem also includes such a thing as the development of the human brain and its influence on the psychics and emotions. Alongside it is possible to learn about the psychological and behavioural disorders related with the development of action. Moreover, the issue is connected with learning and shaping of the child’s culture, so that he begins to understand that he belongs to the definite culture and behaves and acts according to its norms and rules.

Development of action is the problem which can be very useful for the student who is interested in the developmental psychology. One can focus on the problem in detail and then suggest his own vision of the problem on development of action and its peculiarities. The student should pay attention to the explanation of the importance of development of action, its methodology of research and purpose of the investigation. The research proposal will need to cover the core issues for the analysis in the logical way to illustrate to the professor the route of the research, the methods and the sources used for this process.

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