Common Mistakes in Research Proposal Writing

When the student wants to research a certain topic and organize it in the form of a research paper, he will need to complete a good research proposal at first which will have the aim of attracting the professor’s attention towards the problem. Naturally, the process of writing a proposal is quite a troublesome one, because the student will need to possess rich experience and profound knowledge on the subject and topic under analysis.

A research proposal possesses a complicated structure, so it is often difficult for the young person to prepare a well-structured and formatted text, which will include all the required sections. Finally, the assignment is quite broad and complicated, so very few students manage to cope with it from the first attempt.

There are several most common mistakes which are mad by students on the way of their research proposal writing. The first mistake is the creation of a wrong thesis statement which does not meet the requirements of writing. Sometimes students prepare an obscure hypothesis which does not have sense and connections with the main problem revealed in the body of the research proposal. In addition, the hypothesis is too long and occupies more than one sentence. The main idea of thesis statement writing is to teach students express their thoughts in the most precise and the briefest way, so a long hypothesis is treated like a mistake.

The second mistake is the use of the wrong methods for the research which make the whole methodology section wrong. The student often forgets about the fact that it is impossible to apply methods to every problem, because there is a great variety of approaches and techniques which can be used for the research of the definite narrow problems and cases. Furthermore, students often forget about the right presentation and explanation of the methods making the use of the mentioned approaches pointless and senseless.

The following mistake is the disability to prepare a good literature review chapter. The student forgets about the point of the literature review and the purpose of this part of the research proposal. One can prepare the presentation of the sources in the wrong order, which does not have any logical sense. Moreover, there are cases when students fail to make the literature review meet the requirements of the format and this fact influences the quality of citation as well.

Finally, many students simply can not present the main idea of the research and they collect the improper useless arguments which are not connected with the research question. It happens that students brainstorm the inadequate sample situations which do not have connection with the problem and do not reveal it at all.

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