History of Art Research Proposal

History of art is the study about the chronological development of art in different periods of the human history. Obviously, everything has its own history and art is not the exception, because art has always existed in the human civilization and it changed on the way of the development of the humanity. History of art embraces such issues as the theory and norms of functioning of art, its critique, understanding and explanation of the works of art and illustrates the gradual development of art with the run of time alongside with the social historic events. The history of arts starts from the division of the human activity in the field of art into periods, because art, like literature has its own time periods and each period has its own style, symbols, concepts and manner of painting and expression.

History of art is closely connected with the general history, as the majority of artists reflected the contemporary social and natural processes in their works.

Then, history of art is connected with ethics and aesthetics, because the experts in these disciplines try to understand the concepts of beauty, good and evil in different periods of the human history. Finally, history of art has close connections with critique of art where the scholars try to explain the meaning of symbols and elements depicted in the pictures, shot in the films or photos, etc. One should also understand that the variety of art increased with the run of time; that is why the discipline studies such issues as the history or painting, sculpture, music, literature, dance, theatre, cinematography, photography, etc.

History of art is the discipline which pays attention to the gradual historical development of all forms of art in different countries of the world.

When the student wants to research the problem on history of art and he has something to say, he is able to prepare a detailed research proposal which will illustrate the student’s alternative approach towards the analysis of the problem. one should enumerate the major points for the research, prove their importance and relevance to the professor and demonstrate the methodology of the research and the list of the sources which can be useful for writing.

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