E-Procurement Research Proposal

E-procurement is the process of purchase of the goods by the customer and it includes the processes of making the order, understanding of its purpose, the choice of the supplier, signing of the contract and delivery of the product with the help of the Internet.

Procurement is one of the core elements of logistics. Very often people understand procurement as supply, though the term is much broader than the simple supply of the resources or products. In simple words, procurement is the process which embraces the move of materials from suppliers – storage and transportation.

E-procurement is the same process but it is maintained with the help of the Internet. Nowadays it is fairly impossible to imagine a company which would not possess its own website and provide its clients with the opportunities to order the goods and services online. So, the sector of e-procurement is quite developed today and it is based on the business-to-business, business-to-customer and business-to-government operations. The operations are maintained by the electronic networking systems which provide both businessmen and clients with the opportunity to communicate with one another or interchange data.

The business-to-business model of e-procurement is quite a simple one, because it is based on the exchange of information and creation of contracts through the Internet. Business-to-customer model is the most widespread one, as clients purchase products online during the direct online communication with the vendor. In the end, business-to-government model of e-procurement is characterized with the online purchase and delivery of goods for the clients of federal, state or local importance.

E-procurement is the complicated process of sale or purchase of information, goods, services, supplies, etc with the help of the Internet. The student who wants to research the problem of e-procurement in detail should observe the issue through the up-to-date and reliable sources and prepare a good research proposal which will cover the problem from all sides. It is important to clarify the purpose of the research, the methodology and literature review of the sources chosen for the investigation, etc. The student should do his best to complete a persuasive research proposal which will convince the professor to accept the chosen topic for the analysis, so the student should be precise, logical and creative to impress the teacher.

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