Research Proposal on Judiciary

Judiciary is the independent branch of government that makes sure that other branches of government fulfil their duties in the right way. Judiciary is represented by courts of different levels. The most important and influential court of the majority of countries is the Supreme Court that makes sure that the President and Parliament fulfil their constitutional duties well. When other branches of government have questions about the validity of laws, they are able to find the answer at the Supreme Court, because its duty is to solve all problems in the legal constitutional way. Moreover, the Court interprets every law in detail in order to make it clear to every citizen of the country, though the Court does not have any rights to invent its own laws. The Supreme Court observes only the most important problems and its decision is supposed to be the most important one. Problems of lower importance are observed at other regional and local courts.

Judiciary is supposed to solve different problems and help both sides of a conflict with its constructive resolution. Obviously, courts deal with civil law observing different type of crimes, starting from cheating and offence and finishing with murder and federal crimes. Every court is supposed to solve administrative violation or felony in the fairest way and punish a criminal properly. A guilty person can receive different types of punishment starting from a fine and finishing with imprisonment and in some countries – capital punishment. Every country has its own judicial system that meets its cultural, religious and other standards, so very often courts in different countries have different structure, duties and rights.

Judiciary is a good topic for analysis if students have decided to improve their knowledge in judicial system and its peculiarities in different countries. Students are able to observe judiciary on the examples of chosen countries in order to compare their courts and learn about their strong and weak sides. When students choose a topic, they have to prepare a good research proposal that will demonstrate their understanding of this problem, their research approach and methodology of writing to their professors. It is important to focus on the persuasive side of this assignment in order to convince your academic advisor to accept it for research.

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