Research Proposal on Leadership and Innovation

Leadership and innovation are the two categories which influence the development of the company and any institution which has the aim of making money. It is obvious that every company has a leader and the success of the business plan, the activity of the firm of the market depends on the creativity, education, objectiveness and patience of the leader. He is expected to encourage the development of the company, work of the employees and the quality of their decisions. Moreover, the leader is supposed to be psychologically healthy and possess perfect communicative skills in order to be able to persuade, help and control his employees. It is important for the leader to be inventive and dynamic in order to make the scope of the company’s production flexible. It does not worth mentioning that progress is impossible without innovations and brand new risky and non-standard decisions in the selected spheres of the firm’s work.

Innovations can touch upon equipment, technologies, management, etc. If the leader is a smart master in his field, he would apply new technologies into the process of production in order to improve the potential of the firm and its position on the market.

Furthermore, one can apply innovative approach to the phenomenon of leadership in the whole. For example, the leader can invent new psychological and behavioural tricks which encourage employee’s productiveness and unite the team of workers for the single aim. Innovative leadership is often connected with the alternative approach towards management, the scheme of which moves from authority in management to democratic methods. Innovation in leadership improves employee’s creativity, industriousness, self-esteem and professionalism.

Leadership and innovation are the interconnected points which improve the effectiveness of every company. The student is able to observe the problem from all sides and find out about the most interesting points of this issue and prepare a quality research project and the relation of innovation and leadership on the success of the institution. The young person should remember about the informative value of the text, so he has to present a well-analyzed and well-structured brief paper which would demonstrate the whole project and its objectives step by step reflecting the methodology and the aim of the investigation.

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