How to Write Effective Case Studies

High school, college and university students are often asked to research the definite problem through the chosen case and solve the issue in the professional way. Idea of writing a case study is quite simple, because one should focus on the definite case, observe it from sides and analyze it successfully suggesting the appropriate solution to the mentioned problem. In order to understand how to do an effective case study the student will need to read the professional pieces of advice on the logical composition of the paper.

Every case study starts from the research of the case site or the place where the problem has occurred. One should read about the place, event, personalities and phenomena (depends on the topic of the case study) and collect information, facts and statistics which would serve as arguments and evidence for the student’s critical analysis of the suggested case. Naturally, it is important to devote as much time as possible to the research of the case site, because one can find valuable facts which will be very useful in the process of the problem’s solution. Moreover, if one does not observe the case site scrupulously, he will definite lose something important and useful for the understanding of the matter.

The following piece of advice is related with the identification of the cause of the problem. The student should focus on the reasons and background factors which have caused the problem in the case site. It is possible to use the statistic data, interviews with the witnesses and other sources which can clarify the reason of the problem in detail.

A good case study should also demonstrate to the reader the effect of the problem on the case site, event, people and phenomena under observation. The student who is able to evaluate the objective consequences of the problem will definitely analyze the whole case well and succeeds in its solution. When the student observes the actual solution of the case, he should bear in mind all the factors, the background, cause and effect of the problem – only in this way one can understand whether the case has been researched and solved successfully. After that the student will need to suggest his own alternative solution to the problem which would be more reasonable and precise than the actual one.

An effective case study should be original and possess its own style. The student should work out the problem in the personal way analyze the issue from the alternative side trying to surprise the professor with creativity and originality of the research approach and the style of the delivery of information. One should keep to the format and use the reliable and trustworthy arguments and evidence which support the student’s point of view of all the time.

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