New Product Marketing Research Proposal

New product marketing is the complex of efforts aimed at the promotion of the brand new product among the target audience. Naturally, it is quite difficult to attract consumer’s attention to the new product, because the majority of people are conservative ones and they prefer buying the goods and services which they have tried before and know about their qualities. So, it becomes difficult to advertise a new product and make it popular among customers. It does not worth mentioning that the success can be achieved only due to the professional and wise process of marketing which does its best to make the product popular and famous among people.

It is not a secret that even the product of the highest quality will not gain popularity without the right marketing strategy, so it is important to pay attention not just to the quality and price of the product, but to the strategy of its promotion on the market. A new product can be advertised in different ways but there are a few most effective steps.

The first one is the creation of the brand, logo and the history of the brand which will sound convincingly to the audience. The next step is the creation of the quality, well-designed and logical website which would reflect the seriousness of the company’s intentions to sell the product officially. Then, one should advertise the new product through the social media, TV ads, ads at social networks, practice e-mail marketing; print postcards, flyers, place the ads at newspapers and magazines, etc. Finally, one should learn his market in detail to see the possible future perspectives for the expansion and attraction of the attention of the broader audience.

New product marketing is the set of actions and strategies which have the idea of making the new product popular among consumers. It is natural that the student who wants to improve his knowledge about the matter should strive to dig deeper and reveal the hidden points of the problem on new product marketing which can be interesting to the professor and present them in the research proposal. The student should write down the methods and sources used for the research, point out the issues which will be analyzed in the paper and try to persuade the teacher in the usefulness of the topic under research.

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