Research Paper on Society and Sexuality

There are currently several major trends in human sexuality. One of them is the breaking of traditional gender stereotypes, manifested a significant weakening of the polarization of male and female social roles. The gender labor division has lost its former strength and weight, and a substantial part of social roles is no longer differentiated by gender.

Use free sample research papers on society and sexuality to understand that the cultural stereotypes of masculinity and femininity have become less rigid and polarized. These traditional views are closely intertwined with the new ones. They better take into account individual differences and reflect the views of both genders. The traditional ideal of femininity involves a combination of tenderness, beauty, gentleness, and passivity, dependency that allows a man to feel himself strong and powerful beside a woman. All these qualities are highly valued by men. However, today, to be with a man on equal terms, women need a sharp mind, energy and enterprise, i.e. the quality, once considered a privilege of men. The stereotype of masculinity is also changing, the intelligence of a man is valued increasingly higher than his physical strength, allowing displays of tenderness and emotional subtlety, assuming that a male individual is able to temperate his aggression and rough gusts.

We can also see the changes in the institution of marriage and the family. Moreover, contrary to the predictions of the radicals, the appeal of monogamous marriage and family relations is not reduced. In 1990, a survey was carried out among inhabitants of 43 developed countries regarding the importance for them of different spheres of human life: 83% of the respondents placed the family in the first place. Despite the fact that the modern people are more tolerant of extramarital affairs, divorce, abortion, prostitution, they did not support the idea of the withering away the idea of the marital union. In many countries, the importance of the family rather increases. According to sociological surveys, married people are more satisfied with their lives, less sick and have a higher life expectancy than single. Family life with a permanent sexual partner is optimal for most people. Increasing importance is given to the quality of life in marriage and subjective well-being. Therefore, modern marriage is not made for the convenience or obligations, but on the basis of mutual love and emotional intimacy. However, the free choice of marriage partner suggests the possibility of a dissolution of marriage on psychological grounds, making it less stable. The statistics of divorce is also affected by the increase in overall life expectancy, decreasing the economic dependency of women, reducing the size of the family (many couples have one child or are childless). A growing number of people is living alone. Not legally formalized cohabitation, which previously served as limited in time “trial marriage,” has now become a mass phenomenon, in fact an alternative form of marriage.

A new experimental form of marriage are open marriages in which partners recognize each other’s right to have sex out of the marriage to better meet their sexual needs. There is also an increasing number of persons with “serial monogamy,” the essence of which is that the subject has lived at the same time with only one partner (wife, husband), but over the life he can be consequently engage in some legally formalized unions.

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