Research Proposal on Social Capital

Social capital is a concept in sociology, economics and political studies that defines social networks and their interconnections in society. In addition, there are many extra explanations of this term that define the value and importance of social capital for the good of human society. Social capital is often confused with physical and human capital, though all these types of capital are interconnected and influence one another. For example, physical capital is represented with equipment and material resources; human capital is understood as human knowledge and skills obtained through education. Complex of physical and human capital define the effectiveness of social capital, because it illustrates how people apply their knowledge on practice and use equipment for their benefit. Social capital is an interesting phenomenon, because it plays the role of an accumulator of human knowledge.

The process of development of social capital is very slow and all skills, technologies and knowledge are accumulated in the minds of all people. Obviously, social capital is closely connected with traditions and culture of every nation and when a country has long history and originality, it is supposed to possess high-quality social capital. New Zealand, Sweden and Switzerland are supposed to be the leaders according to the level of social capital. Social capital consists of several components. The first element is a person who shares his knowledge and achievements with others. The second element is a person or a group of people who receive this knowledge and culture. Finally, the last component is knowledge, traditions, customs and other important elements of culture that are delivered from generation to generation and accumulate in human mind gradually.

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