Engineering Ethics Term Paper

Engineering ethics is a branch of professional ethics that touches upon the field of engineering. The main point of engineering ethics is to solve technical issues in the objective way, though every engineer has his own views concerning the solution of these problems. The principles of engineering ethics become very important when there are personal and public interests about any engineering projects. Obviously, when there are any errors with a public project that lead to an accident, the engineer has the whole responsibility for it. If the accident causes harm to the human health or life, this case will studied scrupulously and the engineer will have to report about his actions. It does not worth mentioning that in this case his professionalism will be questioned. In addition, if the engineer’s unprofessionalism is proved, he will be punished seriously.

It is possible to receive economic and legal sanctions if the engineer’s fault has been proved. Furthermore, experts pay attention to the engineer’s behavior in critical situations. If he tries to resolve the problem and has a feeling of responsibility for his error, it is possible to claim that his fault is not serious.

The main idea of engineering ethics is to demonstrate that an engineer really cares about the consequences of his work and that he wants to improve his professional skills. All in all there are many rules and duties which should be followed by every engineer. They are supposed to fulfil their duties in the right way and to avoid competition with other engineers, as their role is to work for the good of the human society.

Engineering ethics is a topic that can be interesting to every student who is involved into engineering and legal issues. It is natural that students need to learn about this problem a lot in order to prepare a quality term paper. He will have to focus on the explanation of this topic, its principles, aspects and other details. It is important to find connections between engineering ethics and other disciplines, like ethics, psychology, etc. Students should try to persuade his teacher in the usefulness and relevance of engineering ethics for every engineer and the quality of his work.

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