Unsafe Abortion Research Proposal

Unsafe abortion is a procedure that is aimed to stop pregnancy in the improper conditions by an amateur physicist. Nowadays, when a woman wants to terminate her pregnancy, she is able to apply for help at a physicist who will do this operation in the safest and professional way. Unfortunately, the problem of abortion is very delicate and it requires its own original approach.

Some young women are afraid of informing their parents about abortion or they avoid doing it officially in order to prevent informing their family doctors about this decision. As a result, many women decide to do unsafe abortion asking amateurs and unskillful third people for help. Obviously, many women also conduct this operation, because it is cheaper. Unsafe abortions are quite widespread among young women all over the world, especially in the countries where abortion is a crime. Of course, women are deprived of their right to terminate their pregnancy in the regular conditions, so the single way out is to do it under assistance of an amateur.

Developing and third world countries are known to occupy the leading places according to the popularity of unsafe abortions, because that people are not able to afford safe procedures at a hospital. Many women decide to terminate pregnancy themselves practising various methods that often cause harm to their health. Unsafe abortion is a very dangerous procedure, because if it is conducted in the wrong way, it can cause harm to woman’s health and life. A very high percent of unsafe abortions is connected with maternal mortality and serious diseases that result from this unsafe operation.

Unsafe abortion is a controversial and interesting problem for research and everyone is able to observe it in the form of a research paper. If one is interested in unsafe abortion and its principles, he should study this topic profoundly and generate a few original points and questions that can be analyzed deeply. Students should try to make their research proposals sound logically and informatively in order to persuade their professors in the quality of the topic about unsafe abortions and their relevance and danger for human life. One will need to present a brief research project with methods, sources, and his own expectations about the results and achievements of this investigation.

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