Essay on Advantages of University Education

What are the advantages of University education?

People often ask me the question, starting from the beginning of the September. Indeed, what it is like to study here? Of course, I cannot answer that question until I have experienced all the nuances of the first session, but some changes are already visible in comparison with high school. After asking some fellow students and putting their views and feelings together, I have highlighted the following points:

Our University teachers’ attitude is completely different from those from my high school. Each of them has different approach to engage us in his subject. You are treated as an entirely adult, responsible person, which is something I always wanted so much and had not enough at school. No teacher will spoon-feed you material or care if your work-book is in a proper condition. All these are your problems and yours only. You can chose the class to attend and you can even miss it deliberately. However, you have to remember that when you are dropped after could not pass an examination at the end of the semester because you missed some lectures it as well is only your problem. At the University, they treat us as adults, so it is for us to make adult decisions whether we need all these lectures or not.

At the beginning of the study at the University, it is very difficult to adjust for an hour and twenty minutes classes after forty five minutes ones in high school. At first, it appeared that it was too long to sit through, but then I realized, if you are doing what you are supposed to do, then there is not always time to do it. For employment, by the way, it is important to know how to write proper summary.

Homework here is also highly “peculiar.” Most of the material students have get on their own. You must have time to get around and understand: what, where, and when you need to get done. I, for one, am still perplexed, confused as to what to do for each subject: reports, research papers, essays, labs… While there is no such a thing as “download this from the Internet,” you will have to go to the library and dive into volumes of science and book dust.

Another big plus is the absence of uniform. The freedom of dress code is absolute. There is no white tops and black bottoms. And it is very important! It is always in your favorite clothes that you feel more confident.

In general, most students admitted that a University education is much more diverse, more pleasant, and more interesting, though, it is much more complex and demanding…

This is just a first impression, time will show what will happen next.

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