Biomedical Ethics Term Paper

Biomedical ethics is the discipline which embraces the moral problems related with the development of biomedical sciences which touch upon the issues on genetics, medical experiments, medical therapies, protection of the human life and health. The term bioethics was first introduced in 1927 and it touched upon the ethics of involvement of animals and plants into the lab experiments. The modern understanding of bioethics appeared in 1971 when the development of medicine enabled physicists and scientists conduct complicated experiments on the cellular and DNA level. Biomedical ethics is closely connected with the issues of morality, philosophical concepts and sociology. Naturally, from the point of view of ethics the majority of the medical experiments are behind the norms of morality as they intrude into the issues which are treated like a taboo. For example, the most popular issues discussed in biomedical ethics are abortion, cloning, artificial womb, organ donation, population control and the moral status of the animals used in experiments.

On the one hand, the research in these delicate spheres is unnatural and behind the human competence, but on the other hand, the experiments and practising of abortion enables the humanity to improve its life and health considerably. There are also cases when the human beings are involved into medical experiments and this issue is also criticized severely in spite of the fact that those people are volunteers and want to devote their bodies to the science. The major duty of biomedical ethics is to teach scientists and doctors to apply their knowledge only for the good purposes which will maintain the human and animal’s life in the good working order.

Biomedical ethics is the branch of ethics which combines the concepts and ideas of medicine and biological sciences with morality and spiritual values. Nowadays, it is one of the core features of the civilized society. The student has the chance to prepare a well-structured and informative term paper about the issue of biomedical ethics and his main duty is to explain the meaning of the discipline, the connection of medicine with other social studies and to enumerate the issues which can be called the controversial ones attracting the attention of ethics and morality. One should evaluate the importance and usefulness of biomedical ethics nowadays and think about its achievement and further improvement.

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