Cache Memory Term Paper

Cache memory is the specific high-speed memory or the integral part of the Random Access Memory where the copies of the frequently used data are stored. The purpose of cache memory is to provide the user with the rapid access towards this data. For example, if one uses Photoshop very often, the computer’s cache memory “remembers” it and makes a copy of the program’s elements in order to enable the user to launch the program at once and start working rapidly. Cache memory stores the address and content of the data, which the processor often pays attention to. After the every appeal of the processor to memory, the cache memory is checked according to the presence of the address and content of the information there.

This process enables to receive the access towards the required data rapidly, because the speed of work of cache memory is higher than of the common memory. The common memory is activated only if the address of the information is absent in the cache memory. The history of creation of cache memory is quite old and dates back to the 1960s when the first articles about the enormous improvement of the quality of memory were published. It was treated like a mediator between the processor and the common memory and this understanding exists even now. Nowadays the several levels of cache memory which are activated when there a special need of this action. The levels are graded from the lower to the upper one or from the little amount of memory to the bigger one.

Cache memory is the high-speed memory which is used to receive the rapid access to the required data without the activation of the main memory of the computer. The young professional can focus on the creation of the quality term paper which would cover the problem of cache memory from all sides. One should explain to the reader the principle of work of cache memory, its structure and its advantages and disadvantages. The student can observe the problem on the definite examples revealing the pluses and minuses of the process and comparing the process on its different stages and levels. Finally, one can present information about the history of the development of cache memory and its importance in computing.

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