Bluetooth Technology Term Paper

Bluetooth is the technology of the wireless connection, created in 1998 by the group of companies: Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Nokia, Toshiba. Nowadays, the research on Bluetooth technology is carried out by Bluetooth SIG – a group of companies which include Microsoft and other companies which work on the development of the wireless technologies. The major task of Bluetooth technology is to provide an economical, rapid, cheap and safe wireless radio connection between several devices, such as cell phones, laptops, printers, etc. Bluetooth is economical, because the technology does not consume much energy, which does not cause the exhaustion of the accumulator of the device.

The technology is cheap and safe, because the user does not have to pay for this option as the radio connection is free and does not cause harm to the human organism. Much attention is paid to the portability of the electronic components, which enable to apply Bluetooth in compact devices of the size of a hand watch.

Bluetooth is able to transmit not only the user’s voice (in telephone communication) but also all sort of information (audio, video, text, etc).

The main way of the use of Bluetooth technology is the creation of the so called personal networks (PAN, or private area networks), which include such varied devices as cell phones, PDA, MP3 players, computers, scanners and even refrigerators. The possibility of the transmission of voice enables the creation of the wireless telephone communication and wireless headset to cell phones. The opportunities of Bluetooth technology are unlimited, because it is possible to create a personal area network and connect all possible devices between one another.

The topic on Bluetooth technology is helpful for every student, because if he learns about several types of technologies of wireless communication, it will be easier for him to become an expert in this field and compare different technologies objectively evaluating their strong and weak sides. When one has decided to observe the topic on Bluetooth, he is supposed to study the history of the development of the technology, the principles of its work, its advantages and disadvantages and its practical value. One should analyze the topic from all sides and draw the right conclusions and probably share the brand new thoughts about the improvement of the technology.

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