Cyber Bullying Term Paper

Cyber bullying is a term which means intentional insult, threat, defamation and any other harmful content delivered with the help of the means of communication during the long period of time. The aim of cyber bullying is to fear and to humiliate the target. Cyber bullying has become quite widespread nowadays, because of the rapid development of IT and the increase of its role in our life. The most widespread targets of cyber bullying are students, celebrities, public figures, politicians, businessmen, etc. What is more important is that the victim has already been a target of bullying in her real life, so cyber bullying is just a new approach from her abuser’s side. For example, if the student is not popular in his class because of some reasons, he can be abused with the help of the Internet, social networks, smart phone, etc.

The consequences of cyber bullying are quite tragic, because the child loses his self-esteem and self-confidence and it can cause harm to his future life and worldview. Cyber bullying is characterized with anonymous 24/7 psychological abuse, because the target receives a great number of insulting messages and telephone calls any time of the day and night.

As a result the victim becomes frightened, stressed, anxious and paranoid and there are cases that she has to apply for help of the professional psychologist. Today it is quite easy to put cyber bullying into action due to the quality of the modern technologies. The abuser has access to computer networks and social networks and can humiliate a great number of people still staying anonymous, for example, creating a fake Facebook account.

The issue about cyber bullying can be interesting to every student who studies sociology and psychology as his major subjects.

It is natural that he should dwell on the detailed research of the cause and effect of cyber bullying in order to understand the origin of this problem, its prevention and solution. Evidently, the student will have to pay attention to the types of cyber bullying, its development, forms, dangers, etc to see the variety of forms of this type of abuse. It is wise to evaluate the relevance of this problem in the modern society and to show the most common targets who can be under the risk of cyber bullying.

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