Digital Image Processing Term Paper

Digital image processing is the complex of actions which are characterized with the processing of digital photos and images with the help of the computer algorithms. Nowadays with the rapid development and growth of popularity of digital photography and computer technologies it has become possible to process any image in the most effective way. There are many computer programs which are aimed at the improvement of the quality of digital images or application of various effects on them with the aim of making them original and beautiful. Digital image processing is not just the processing of the simple photos taken by a digital camera; it is something more important and serious, because the technology of image processing is applied in many spheres of the human life. The process started in the second half of the 20th century with the space explorations. The experts processed the first photos taken by satellites in order to provide the humanity with the images of open space and galaxies.

Digital image processing is also used in transportation, law enforcement, healthcare services, etc. For example, with the help of the techniques of image processing it is possible to draw a portrait of a criminal or a person who is missed. Then, speaking about transportation, one can mention the function of automatic number plate recognition when the automobile is recognized by its number which has been photographed by the special device.

The programs which are used for image processing offer hundreds of effects which can change the photo and make it look as one wishes. The most common and popular program used for image processing is Photoshop.

Digital image processing is the technology of processing the digital images with the help of the computer programs. It is easy to prepare an effective term paper on the topic when one dwells on the collection of information about the problem and plans the process of writing logically.

First of all the student should describe the technology of digital image processing in order to illustrate to the reader the structure and algorithm of the process. After that it is possible to enumerate the functions, purpose of processing, the methods and the spheres where digital image processing is applied on practice.

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