Essay on Factors Affecting Study Habits of Students

The modern approach to the educational process organization is characterized by increased attention to the individual motivation of students to study educational disciplines. For example, the educational process organization implies the optional choice of disciplines, contributing to a better adaptation of training to target a student’s aspirations. It has been noted that in choosing their disciplines, distance-learning students are guided by the interests of their professional activities, while full-time students are guided by actual labor market needs. It is also widely acknowledged that the modern period is characterized by the rapid obsolescence of information, particularly in the area of information technology.

Therefore, one of the most important factors is to develop the students’ skills to master new knowledge and acquire new skills. The importance of optimizing the teaching and learning process has resulted in the formation of significant volume of psychologically and pedagogically orientated studies and publications.

The overall objective of this work is to improve the individual motivation of students to learning by investigating and analyzing factors affecting study habits of students and thus academic performance.

The research established the existence of preferred forms of perception. There are three representative system, dominating different personality types:

  1. Audial type receives information on hearing and it is important the intonation and the volume of material presented;
  2. Visual type is learning through images; in speech, as well as in text, the representatives of this type are looking for keywords, helping them to quickly recover the whole picture;
  3. Kinesthetic type relies on his senses, convenience, and comfort.

From this point of view, the lecture material should not be monotonic. The material should be illustrated key diagrams, charts, graphs, etc; the classroom should be adopted and comfortable for the study. In this case, there is no need for dividing students in different groups for various classrooms, to adapt to their individual characteristics.

The discovery between personality and socionic personality type, the preferred way of information perception has led to proposals to use in organizing the educational process not pedagogy, but socionics, which involves an individual approach to the preparation of educational material for students. If there are obvious advantages to this approach, it should be noted that it does not encourage the development of abilities to acquire new knowledge and skills. In real life, the new information does not appear in the form, adapted to different psychotypes people. It is clear that for the graduate to successfully perform his employment duties, he constantly requires to acquire new skills regardless of his own preferences, and to be able to allocate the novelty, usefulness, and ways of their application to address these challenges.

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