Term Paper on Ethics in Advertising

Ethics in advertising is the policy which is characterized with the fact that the producers of advertisements do not use the unfair tricks and strategies which influence the human emotions in the process of persuasion. Advertising is the process which is aimed to make the goods and services produced by the company popular. Naturally, even the best product would never be sold successfully without advertising and the right policy of marketing. In order to increase the popularity of the product the company should advertise it, but advertising is a dangerous thing which has to be made in the appropriate safe way. The human psychics is extremely vulnerable and people believe nearly everything what is told on TV or in the Internet and if the company decides to apply the tricks which are too far from ethics in advertising, it would make money and the people will be cheated. The most frequent tricks used in advertising are based on the human emotions. The brightest example is the involvement of babies in ads.

Nearly every woman who sees the ad with a baby will purchase the product with the high possibility. The thing is the involvement of animals. This also influences the female and child’s emotions and they are attracted by the product. The most popular trick used at supermarkets is the spreading of the smell of coffee and bread in order to make the customers hungry and make them buy food products. Of course all these techniques are not ethical, because the advertisement does not characterize the quality of the product but simply arouses the right emotions required to buy it.

Advertising should be built according to the norms of ethics, otherwise it is harmful for people, because very often people believe the ad, but the product they purchase causes harm to their health. The student who is researching the issue about the role of ethics in advertising should research the problem well in order to inform the reader about all the illegal from the point of view of ethics tricks and explain how absence of ethics influences consumers. The term paper should contain the purpose of the research, explanation of the methods of advertising which are far from ethics and the solution of this problem.

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