Research Paper on Future of Social Media

According to analysts, the future of social media will be capable to give users a reflection of all aspects of their lives (it is much easier to deal with people when you know something about them. For example, their hobbies, interests, or their professional skills).

Social media of the future is starting with mobile applications, because the core audience of such media consists of those people who will use your smartphones (since the rate of penetration of mobile technology is much higher than any other technology in the history of mankind).

Social media of the future have to be able to help people expand their horizons. The best thing that social media can currently offer is the comfort of searching and receiving a great amount of relevant information in no time. It also has to be independent, where each user will be the rightful owner of his content. For all the content owners the future social media will bring new and more effective tools for monetization of their ideas.

Social media in the future will allow users to remove their account as it has never been done and it removes the obstacles of evolution and development, which is now impossible to any social network.

According to experts, the Internet and television will closely cooperate in the near future, changing the idea of watching television. Most people will have multiple devices, providing them access to information (starting with cell phone and TV, and the laptop, smartphone, tablet computer).

Already, the boundary between them begins to wear off and this trend will grow. Apple Inc. has announced the release of the new generation devices for watching television. This means that soon we will see another revolution in the field of gadgets.

The social media of the future is a still convenient for customers. Experts predict an increase in the number of videos , audio, and graphic products, as well as games that are intended to promote brands. Studies show that such content attracts more attention to the customer than the usual methods of advertising and promotion. The market actors will produce more video products, applications, video games, graphic production, songs, and comics for promoting new brands.

It’s no secret that search algorithms in social media are far from to be perfect. Thus there is a great potential for the improving, which will present new methods still more comfortable and effective.

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