Term Paper on Mending Wall Analysis

Mending Wall is a poem written by Robert Frost in 1914. This poem has deep philosophical meaning and it has become a part of educational program for high school students. The plot of ‘Mending Wall’ is very easy. There are two neighbors who separated their farms with the help of a wall. Every year this fence is ruined by nature and they have to renovate it repeatedly. Robert Frost said that this poem is autobiographical, because he experienced these events himself. He could not understand why there was a wall between his farm and his neighbor’s property and the narrator of this poem reproduces the same ideas. On the one hand, there is no sense in walls, because it is unnatural. Nature itself strives to ruin this wall every year. One can understand this phenomenon as a hint that all people are equal and there is no need to live behind high fences. Neighbors should help one another and explore the world together. On the other hand, a wall is a positive thing, because another neighbor repeats the same phrase all the time. He says ‘Good fences make good neighbors’.

It is possible to guess that a wall is a good method to save your identity. Everyone is a unique personality who wants to carry out her life independently. Therefore, this wall is an indicator of one’s independence and maturity. The neighbors lived in peace and cared about their own property. When there are no fences, there is chaos and disorder. No wonder, every country cares about its borders in order to avoid unnecessary intrusion from the side of their neighboring countries.

Mending Wall is a good poem for analysis, because one is able to train his critical and analytical thinking skills.

Students should observe this poem from the points of view of philosophy, political sciences, ethics, morality, psychology, etc. It is easy to notice that this poem is a universal one and it is possible to analyze it differently.

Consequently, students ought to say a few words about Robert Frost; then, analyze this poem from the side of its stylistics and then analyze its plot and hidden ideas and motives. It is possible to present several alternative results in order to impress your teacher.

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