Term Paper on USA Patriot Act

USA PATRIOT Act of 2001 is an Act of the US Congress that was designed to improve safety and security of the USA.

The year of 2001 was the crucial one, because the country faced the fears of the global problem of terrorism. After the attack of terrorists and hundreds of victims, it has become evident that the government of the USA has to do its best to protect its people from the threat of terrorism. The main idea of the USA PATRIOT Act is to maintain superintendence over telecommunication. Naturally, terrorists communicate between one another and arrange their activity with the help of a telephone and the Internet. Therefore, it is possible to prevent a great number of terroristic acts if you intercept a telephone communication. FBI has received a permission to intercept telephone calls and online messages without a warrant.

This Act makes all services and providers of cellular communication cooperate with the US government. They have to provide the police and FBI with constant access towards the Internet and telephone communication. FBI is able to intercept computer networks, telephone calls, social networks, etc. to maintain peace and security in the country. The USA PATRIOT Act was signed by George Bush and since that time the Act has been extended several times. Barack Obama extended it on 2011, though this Act is quite a controversial one. There are many opponents of this document, because they claim that it ruins the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution. They say that it is immoral to intrude into one’s private life. In spite of these speeches and criticism, the US government continues extending this Act motivating their decision with its exceptional usefulness for the security and safety of the country.

The USA PATRIOT Act is a controversial and interesting issue for research. Students have a good opportunity to share their point of view about the usefulness of this document. It is possible to observe this Act from the point of view of political sciences, ethics and psychology. One should observe the USA PATRIOT Act in detail in order to analyze its elements and to understand its main ideas. Moreover, one ought to think about its strong and weak sides and evaluate its effectiveness on practice.

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