Term Paper on Natural Disaster and National Development

Natural disaster is the factor which influences the national development of a country and is characterized with the country’s potential which is revealed under the effect of the disaster. It is obvious that the country’s development depends on climate and geographical location. If the country is situated in the favourable climatic belts and has constant access to the renewable natural biotic resources (vegetables, fruit, wood, meat, etc), its economic growth is not a rapid one, because the people are satisfied with the conditions and do not take many efforts to change something for the better. The countries living in the severe circumstances, on the North, islands, which are under the threat of tsunami or mountain regions, are observed to work hard for the improvement of their conditions of life and their national development indicator is very high. If the country survives natural disasters frequently, it improves its technologies and its population is always ready to resist the threat and restore the damaged objects.

No wonder, the people of such countries as Japan, existing on the islands are treated like one of the most stable, industrious, patient, cool and firm. When they survive an earthquake or a tsunami, their economics manages to rebuild everything in short terms and even grow further. If a natural disaster happens in the “calm” areas, the people often do not know what to do and feel at a loss. On the other hand, severe natural disasters affect national development negatively, because the latest earthquake and tsunami in Japan destroyed enormous number of the human homes and nearly caused the nuclear catastrophe. As a result, Japan has to restore after the tragedy for years devoting much money and resources for the solution of this problem.

Natural disaster and national development are the interconnected phenomena and the student is able to research the issue in detail and decide how natural disasters influence the quality and the speed of national development and economic growth. The young professional is able to observe the issue from all possible sides – economics, geography, political sciences, sociology, etc. One can observe the problem on the definite examples from the real life and provide the up-to-date facts which prove that national development is influenced by natural disasters and climate of the territory.

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