Religion and Terrorism Term Paper

Religion and terrorism is a connection between terroristic actions and their religious background. It does not worth mentioning that religious issues have always been the main cause of military conflicts between different nations and cultures and these conflicts still occur nowadays. Every day there are cases when representatives of different religious organizations murder one another committing terroristic acts that kill a great number of random people. The most negative side of religious terrorism is that its victims are innocent people who often do not participate in any religious conflicts.

Religious terrorists choose the most crowded places for their terroristic acts in order to kill as many people as possible.

Therefore, such places as supermarkets, metro stations, markets, etc. are supposed to be the most dangerous places for everyone.

In addition, terrorists practise transport terrorism stealing and destroying buses and planes with passengers. Most often, such cases finish with death of many innocent people. Terrorists are ready to sacrifice their own life for the sake of their religious views. It is obvious that religious terrorism is closely connected with such problems as anarchism or nationalism and radicalism. Terrorists prefer persuading other people that their religion is better with the help of weapon and fear.

Religious terrorism is not just an ideology but big business, because this type of terrorism is financed by charity organizations and rich individuals, who have profit from these actions. Of course, religious terrorism is severely criticized by politicians who claim that there is no connection between religion and terrorism in order to demonstrate their tolerance on the official level and prevent terroristic acts in their countries.

Religion and terrorism is a good topic for analysis for those students who are interested in culturology and social issues. It is wise to research this problem in detail in order to understand how religion is connected with terrorism and why terrorists commit crimes for the sake of their religion. Moreover, students should analyze the most typical types of religious terrorism; analyze geography of religious terrorism and think about its cause and effect. Finally, one should think about the most constructive solution of this issue in order to demonstrate to his teacher his knowledge and creativity.

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