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When students write their solid research papers and dissertations, they will definitely need to insert a well-structured and original annotated bibliography section that will improve the quality of their assignment. Naturally, students borrow ideas and concepts from numerous sources in order to make their research look deeper and sound better. Of course, it is impossible to borrow facts and thoughts that belong to other authors and pretend that it is you, who has generated these ideas, because it is too far from ethics and morality. Every student is supposed to enumerate all sources that have been used for his research and mark every quote of every scholar that can be found in his written paper. Students should learn to demonstrate their respect towards scholars and their complicated academic work and the best way to do it is to cite their quotes and avoid stealing their original ideas.

It does not worth mentioning that it is very difficult to prepare a well-cited page of scientific text and one can solve this problem with the help of an annotated bibliography creator. Very often students fail to cite their papers according to the requirements of the format that has been chosen by their professor. They will need to follow all standard and norms of writing that meet these requirements in order to prepare a successful and original assignment.

Fortunately, everyone is able to take advantage of an annotated bibliography creator – a special computer program that cites all sources automatically. Such programs can be found in the Internet and most often, they belong to free online writing help. Students are able to cite their sources in the most convenient and simplest way. There are several stages of this process. First of all, one should find information about the selected source – a book, a journal, film, etc. and write down its name, author’s name, the year of publication, etc. One will have to find this basic information about every source and create a full works cited list that has been used for writing. It is possible to arrange sources in alphabetical or thematic order depending on professor’s recommendations and peculiarities of the format. When one has written down the names of all sources, he is able to mention the right format (APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, etc.) and to have his annotated bibliography generated automatically by the machine.

Obviously, when one wants to succeed in writing of his annotated bibliography, he should learn everything about the principle of work of a bibliography maker, because if one fails to fill information in the right order, the quality of his bibliography will be poor.

The majority of citation machines work according to the same principle and they can be used by students and scholars, who want to save their time and improve the quality of their academic research.

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