American Civil War Essay

American civil war that broke out in April 1861 at Fort Sumter was precipitated by various causes. There was a sharp division between the South and the North on the basis of political ideologies and socioeconomic policies. Slavery was among the controversial issues that created tension between the two sides. In addition, the Southerners believed that they had unique challenges that could not be addressed appropriately under the Union and considered seceding to form an independent government. The tension between the South and the North escalated with the presidential election of 1860 that saw a republican president, Abraham Lincoln clinch the presidency. Coupled with other long term differences between the two sides, the election of Lincoln prompted secession with South Carolina leading the way. While the attack on Fort Sumter prompted the Civil War, it was much anticipated owing to the persistent tension between the government and the slave holding sates in the South regarding state rights and slavery. Continue reading “American Civil War Essay”

Violence Against Women Essay

Gender-based violence is a common problem across the world. Most women are affected by the acts of discrimination committed by men and even other women. Johnson states that Canada is one of the nations that has advanced in promoting equality of the sexes (2005). Both genders are accorded respect and viewed as having equal capabilities. However, despite the change in the social landscape, there are many instances of women and young girls being affected by rape, sex trafficking, and domestic abuse. According to Moritsugu et al., physical and psychological torture associated with the violence affect their lives negatively (2016). Consequently, it damages their self-esteem and leads them to despair. As explained by Arboleda-Florez, mental illness may cause some individuals to contemplate committing suicide (2005).

Violence against women has enormous implications to the society and the economy, due to the burden associated with treating and housing the victims. Therefore, it is essential to establish the causes of gender-based violence, its impact, and possible remedies. Continue reading “Violence Against Women Essay”

Reading Reflection Essay

Question 1
There were six constructs that the author wanted to measure to include the teaching context, the status of Chinese Pronunciation teaching, the CSL learners’ motivation, specific issues in CSL pronunciation teaching, teacher training on pronunciation teaching, and the goal of pronunciation teaching (Yang and Jin 156). There were three questions that aimed to cover the main areas of intelligibility, comprehensibility, and accentedness. With the aim of covering the six constructs, they were

  1. Should Pinyin be taught separately or included in the course curriculum of the beginning level courses?
  2. Should Pinyin be used to replace Chinese characters in quizzes or tests?
  3. Do you have a systematic approach to teaching Pinyin pronunciation?

Continue reading “Reading Reflection Essay”

Colonial Experiences in the 1700s from a Woman’s Perspective

Anne Bradstreet and Mary Rowlandson were women of faith in God and passion for writing. These characteristics enabled their survival from the hardships they faced. In this essay, I will compare and contrast their works of writing and their view of God, faith, the Bible, and Christianity. The writings of Mary Rowlandson were very powerful and the tough experiences she went through greatly influenced her writing. She had a tough life living in captivity.

For instance, when she stated, “…they had as good knock me in [the] head as starve me to death,” she was referring to how she was denied food (Bradstreet). During this period, her faith is seen when she seeks the help of God. Her writing style focuses on religion, allusion, and appeal to emotions. To remain focused on her goal and furthering of God’s plans upon her life, she constantly read the Bible. She wrote, “God orders all things for his for his holy ends,” to express this thought (Bradstreet). In addition, when she says, “It is good for me that I have been afflicted,” she explains how her condition led her to find and solidify her faith in God. Continue reading “Colonial Experiences in the 1700s from a Woman’s Perspective”

The Damned Human Race Essay

Mark Twain wrote ‘The Damned Human Race‘ in 1905, arguing against Darwinism. The author highlights the flaws of man and claims that due to his nature, man will end up worse than every other species on earth. This is a generalization since it is based on his own experiences and thoughts. The author goes onto use several methods to push this narrative forward using his logic. However, further research reveals the opposite truth, that humanity, and animals have more in common then he would like to acknowledge. Human beings are also sophisticated beings capable of compassion and warmth that far outstrips the animal kingdom. It also proves the point that man ascended from the animal kingdom rather than the other way around, proving Darwin’s theory. Twain is a grade 3 thinker, he uses his feelings to direct his thoughts. He believes that human beings are not at the top of the evolution chain, but are instead at the bottom. Continue reading “The Damned Human Race Essay”

Convergence Between U.S. GAAP and IFRS

The development of global economic ties has led to the need for internationally recognized accounting standards. The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) were developed in an attempt to create global standards for financial reporting and regulation. However, several countries including the US are yet to adopt IFRS. The US has the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) which have certain differences with the IFRS. Although convergence involves significant costs, it is important for the future development of international trade. Continue reading “Convergence Between U.S. GAAP and IFRS”

The Feature Article Pitch: Australian Aborigines

The Impetus for the Article
It is believed that Australian Aborigines were scattered nomadic tribes of people who did not create buildings for their own refuge (Dawson, 1881). However, records of the first white settlers who arrived in Australia claim that Australian Aborigines were a developed society. Moreover, researchers suggest that the ancestors of these aborigines were the first people to cross the ocean. The ancestors of Europeans were afraid of the world, while the ancestors of the Australians had already traveled across Asia and crossed the seas. The study of the Australian Aborigines is an important key to deciphering the past of non-African humanity. It allows finding the answer to the key questions of the early history and development of humanity. Continue reading “The Feature Article Pitch: Australian Aborigines”

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis Report

The following research report scrutinizes the alcoholic beverage industry by an exhaustive analysis of the industry dynamics through Porter’s five forces analysis. To be precise, the report will focus on threats to new entrants, the bargaining power of consumers, the bargaining power of suppliers, and the threat of substitute products.

The Threat of New Entrants
The alcoholic beverage industry in the recent past has experienced a threat to new entrants. An in-depth study conducted, according to Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (2019) on the industry reveals that the sector has recently been engaged with increasing opportunities on innovation, which have consequently allowed new entrants into the market. Such opportunities have provided increased revenue for suppliers (Mordor Intelligence, 2019). In 2018, it was documented that the alcoholic beverage industry revenue accounted for a total of $ 27.5 billion, which equates to a 2.2% rise in sales (Globe News Wire, 2019). Continue reading “Porter’s Five Forces Analysis Report”

Interdependence Theories and Intimacy Essay

Part 1.
Psychological interdependence theories address the determinants and motivations of human interactions. Such frameworks propose diverging perspectives on intimacy in relationships. The Exchange Theory, Equity Theory, and Communal Theory differently address the levels of friendship, which include the acquaintances, casual friends, and best friends.

The three psychological theories of interdependence explore the intimacy in various levels of friendship. Exchange Theory suggests that the relationship comprises a set of resource exchanges and their evaluation by the participants. The members of the connection assess the costs and benefits of the relationship. Exchange theory effectively addresses the friendship level of acquaintances because people evaluate these low intimacy links through the pragmatic perspective. Equity theory implies the assumption that the resources invested in a relationship should be equal for all the participants, who aim to maintain balance in their interactions. This framework is suitable for the analysis of casual friendship, since people in such a link with moderate intimacy level focus on reciprocity rather than on personal benefits and disadvantages. Communal Theory involves the orientation of the relationship members on the provision of noncontingent benefits for the well-being of others. A communal orientation efficiently reflects the nature of close friendships with high levels of intimacy because people in such relationships care about the needs and opinions of their partners. Therefore, different interdependence perspectives illustrate the various levels of friendship. Continue reading “Interdependence Theories and Intimacy Essay”

The Impact of Music on Shoppers Essay

Experimental stimuli are vital to a research process since they evoke a behavioral or emotional response. The opportunities presented through the effective use of stimulus enhances interaction and engagement among the participants hence providing a hands-on approach to actual experiences in real time. However, for precision in the quest to understand behavior, the focus of the stimulus should be narrow. In this case, analysis will be done to ascertain how the appeal for luxurious and non-luxurious advertisements to the public compare. The major delineation is that luxurious products should be proffered with much enthusiasm in comparison to basic commodities (Chandon, Laurent, & Valette-Florence, 2016). Continue reading “The Impact of Music on Shoppers Essay”