Essay about Black Europe

Immigration of black people is the root cause of diversity in the European regions. The big question is Europe ended up with so many blacks and African-Americans? Blacks started immigrating in small amounts until they reached their present number. In the 1700s immigration of black people were either forced or voluntary due to the slave trade. Slave trade between Europeans and black immigrants led to an increase of black people in Europe where they were used as attendants to the Europeans. Due to racial discrimination, freed slaves were forced to beg as they could not get a job anywhere. The population of black people continued to increase with time. Continue reading “Essay about Black Europe”

Racism in the 21st Century Essay

Racism is manifested through skin color in a world which is characterized by multiple races. Skin color has massive implications to human populations since it determines the social, economic, and cultural outcomes to the affected groups. In America, racism dates back to the colonial era, particularly through slave trade. The continuity of the vice is associated with the maintenance of the colonial status quo. Victims of racism are faced with inferiority feelings and other social injustices. Racism in society highlights the importance of close kinship ties, and the social setting whereby people compete for resources leading to the devaluation of others and social harm in order to benefit the group one identifies with. Racism is not only a biological basis and definition of skin color but also a social construct which brings about inequality among different races. Racism is, therefore, defined as a “pervasive form of tribalism” which is present in all human societies and it is prevalent globally. Given the common origins of all humanity, it is important to understand the biology behind skin color, ancestry, and social interactions of race in order to promote racial tolerance and equality in society. The paper focuses on exposing racism as a social vice, thereby presenting a reflection of its implications in society, as well as evaluating ways to eliminate the discrimination and bias associated to race and skin color. Continue reading “Racism in the 21st Century Essay”

Essay on Populism and Democracy

The populism concept is gaining much attention in the global forums of academic and public discourses. In the recent days, the foreign policy has overseen proliferation of populist parties and movements around the world. However, there are much debate and confusion around the concept of populism based on its analytical utility and its ability to explain meaningful global politics. As such, theorists perceive populism as a ‘thin’ ideology with a limited analytical use. The use of media has become ubiquitous due to its ease of use and constant accessibility. As a result, the global social networks have changed tremendously thus reshaping the political and international relations in a great deal. In supporting the rights and power of the people against the privileged elite, social media has become a crucial tool through which the goals are pursued. This paper seeks to explore the varied perceptions on the populism concept and its relevance to international relations. As well, the use of media in the less democratic states is explored with view of understanding how populists use them to achieve their goals. Continue reading “Essay on Populism and Democracy”

Southeast Asian Contemporary Cuisine: A Historic Influence

Although every culture in the world possesses specific characteristics that mould and develop their cuisine, Southeast Asia is on of the most varied, colourful and rich types of cuisine in the world. Furthermore, Cuisine widely varies within Southeast Asia, depending on what country, type of region and culture the place is.

Why is their food the way it is?
Culture’s usually create their typical foods around what is available in the region to crop. That is why you never see an apple pie around the equator line or a “typical” mango dish up north or down south. The food variety is contingent on the type of recipes that will be created among the people. Usually, people that generate these traditions are middle to lower class and are constructed through generations of developing said recipes. Continue reading “Southeast Asian Contemporary Cuisine: A Historic Influence”

Inadequate Development of Self-Identity Essay

People go through several changes over the course of their lives, from the time of their conception to the time they die. Even though some are normal and expected, they can lead to challenges that necessitate extra assistance to manage. Professionals are able to identify potential problems and offer early interventions, which can lead to better results. Developmental psychologists can work with people of all ages to treat issues and support growth. This study focuses on social-emotional development problem. Negative early experiences can harm behavioral, cognitive, social-emotional developments. Social-emotional development is a child’s experience, management and expression of emotions and ability to create rewarding and positive relationships. These aspects can be destroyed by negative early experiences that can lead to the inability of a child to succeed academically and in relationships, and have a good health. The paper focuses on two development periods, which are infancy and early childhood, in the life of Jane Noel, a 7-year old girl with inadequate development of self-identity. Continue reading “Inadequate Development of Self-Identity Essay”

A Review of the 2018 Form 10-K for Nike Corporation

Initial Risk Assessment
Nike Corporation was incorporated in 1967 under the law of the Oregon State. The primary business of the firm is to design, to develop, and make global marketing and selling athletic equipment, apparel, footwear, services, and other accessories (“Nike 2018 Form 10K” 55). As the world’s largest seller of athletic clothing and footwear, it uses Nike-owned retail stores, and its digital platforms distribute and sell its products to virtually all countries across the globe. Continue reading “A Review of the 2018 Form 10-K for Nike Corporation”

Risk Analysis Research Essay

Risk analysis can be described as the systematic process of identifying and managing imminent threats that may compromise business growth and development. Today, the business landscape is under constant threat of risks such as natural disasters, employee liabilities, financial constraints, legal compliance issues, and operational failures, which is why firms should conduct risk analysis to recognize impending risks. A business entity utilizes the outcome of risk analysis to manage and mitigate their impact. The process guarantees the growth and sustainability of a business since adequate procedures are instituted to build the resilience capacity to cope and minimize the effects of risks. For Intel, having a risk analytic program against different types of threats is critical to its sustainability. Due to its global presence, it faces stiff competition risks that it has to mitigate in order to maintain its relevance in the marketplace. Intel should implement an effective and well-thought risk analytic program to lower competition risks and guarantee the sustainability of competitive sales and profit margins. Continue reading “Risk Analysis Research Essay”

Paintings Comparison and Analysis Essay

Impressionism is a major art movement that dominated the late 19th century and early 20th century. It started with a group of Paris-based artists who banded together to organize independent exhibitions outside of government-approved “Salons.” They formed these centers to showcase their work directly to the public since the Salons criticized and rejected most of their products. Generally, impressionism depicted realistic scenes of modern life and also attempted to objectively and accurately emphasize the passage of time using light. The three impressionist paintings “The Artist’s Sister at a Window” by Berthe Morisot in 1869; “Little Girl in a Blue Armchair, 1878” by Mary Cassatt; and “Girl Braiding her Hair, 1876” by Pierre Auguste Renoir all portray everyday activities, the feministic and religious values of the painters, and have similar compositions, but they differ in color, lighting, model, pose, and dressing. Continue reading “Paintings Comparison and Analysis Essay”

Health Coalition Essay

Keys Health Ready Coalition (KHRC), is a coalition within the state of Florida that has come together with the sole aim of improving the healthcare conditions of the state through implementation of awareness policy about spread, diagnosis, and management of AIDS. This body is a state healthcare coalition agency that has different appointees as director regularly. Moreover, the members of this coalition include Florida health, key west, medical reserve corps, lower keys, fisherman’s and mariner’s hospital. The coalition of these entities is formed under the same ideology of healthcare policy improvement such as creating awareness of the spread, diagnosis, and management of AIDS. Continue reading “Health Coalition Essay”

Reflection Paper of Sparrow Hawk

The story of the sailors and survivors of the Sparrow Hawk is a sympathetic one referring to the fateful incidences they faced. Their saddening experiences can be traced right from the time they left Batavia, the occurrence of the accident to their life experiences in the Korean Kingdom.

Everything looked good for them by the time they left Batavia for the port of Taiwan where they successfully reached and later proceeded to Japan. The waters between Batavia and Taiwan seaport were calm and safe as they lacked any fateful incidence reported. The triumphant arrival of His Excellency Caesar at Taiwan and the subsequent instructions for the sailors to proceed to Japan is an indication they hoped for the best throughout their journey to Japan. The voyage from Taiwan to Japan was full of misfortunes and marked the start of the miseries faced by the sailors. Continue reading “Reflection Paper of Sparrow Hawk”