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This novel “1984” is probably a discovery of dystopian genre for me. Before that, I have never read a book where all is really bad and you, the reader, can actually believe that there nothing to live for, there is no happiness or freedom, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. I have to say it is an impressive work, there is nothing to say, you just have to read a bit to feel yourself in the world, created by George Orwell for his readers. This world is fantastic enough as weather forecasts for the month ahead…

Surprisingly, despite the fact that the novel was written a long time ago, it has surprisingly much in common with the real world of today. It would seem we have a thriving cult of personality in all its glory: everyone is different, everyone is unique, and inimitable. However, the society, the large companies, the Government, the manufacturers of a variety of goods perfectly fit us all to one size, providing visibility of diversity. We are now very easy to satisfy – the offer is enormous and often exceeds the demand, but if there slightest market-surges and individuals, choosing the cream for their skin type, will be angered by the presence of only one kind of creams, which make them all a grey mass with one type of skin – the usual human.

In “1984” the whole world and all of society is under constant supervision and control, but is this control less now? I remember a couple of years ago my friends and I were sitting at my kitchen and discussed, what would such massive use of cell phones will bring us in the near future. We came to an obvious conclusion that the cell phone is not a means of communication between individuals, it is a means of tracking, “thought police” of a kind. This includes Internet and television that we are watching, what we read, what we say; now it’s all easier to control, and the emergence of the Big Brother in our reality is more likely with each new day.

After reading the novel I was scary, really scary because all of our efforts are now directed at self-improvement, intellectual development, freedom of speech and thought, can at some point turn against us. How someone who used to draw knowledge from anywhere will be able to live in a world where the knowledge is not accessible, in principle, where it is banned? Where the past is disguised as the present… Where emotions are penalized, and the sincere affections do not happen even between mother and child…

I am afraid, are you?

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