Research Paper on Philosophy of Aging

The issues of aging are engaged in various sciences. The philosophy of aging is about psychological and moral dimension of the problem. It is about the accepting of your age through the accepting of you and other people aging. We do not like to look old, we perceive the process of aging as something terrible and irrevocable, however, it is a natural part of the life cycle.

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Some people consider old age a curse, others a blessing. Many mourn the idea of aging, only some believe it to be a good and natural thing. Old age has its joys, not less than the pleasure we have in youth, just different. However, there are, of course, problems of old age, which often are not negligible.

Old age is characterized, first of all, by some features of the internal and external order — one of which is closeness to death. Over the past decade, there are many books on death, or rather on its rehabilitation, because for a long time there was a taboo on mentioning death in the media. Death threatens us with the fear of physical pain; unknown, lack of knowledge of what it brings us. We can believe in the immortality of the soul, in hell, or in heaven, but faith is something always in company with doubts.

Closeness to death, physical and spiritual withering, and diseases are three main threats of aging. Thus, aging is confrontation with death, physical disability, and disease. This is when commonly used expressions and sayings come to mind, such as “you are as old, as you feel you are,” etc.

All we are scared by the sombre aspects of advanced age. To grow old is to experience the growing physical and mental crisis, to surrender under the onslaught of disease, to be afraid of the spiritual and corporeal inferiority and be isolated from our usual environment. Despite those unjoyful perspectives there is another image: the dignity of old age, wisdom of the elders. The image of a “wise old man” and a “wise old woman” is very popular.

The first benefit of old age is wisdom. The wisdom of the elderly associated with rich life experiences. Matures have a treasure of professional and personal experiences. The second benefit is believe that older people more consciously look at the world from the heights of their years. However, to be useful to society, you need to keep a finger on the pulse of today.

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