Essay on Being Materialistic

Being materialistic to me means to be a realist. For me, it is to seek rapid and certain results. I don’t believe there is any sense in protracted study of a question, long discussion. Being materialistic means to be a doer. A person that plans and corrects his actions in process.

Full of beans, mobile, irrepressible, quite often such a person differs in choleric temperament. Usually, it is an experimenter. During short time able to set forth a few original and fresh ideas. Gets irritated, if he not immediately is understood, as there is no time for him to explain his position. His reasoning: “There is no time for long thinking. All is clear. Let’s do it!”

He loves new methods of work, approaches, terms, information.

Being materialistic is to be a democratic and sociable person who easily contacts people from an auxiliary personnel to the top-management of the company.

Being materialistic means to be always oriented to the profit. Materialistic people are often businessmen, founders, owners. On a large account, to them it is unimportant, where to work, in a chic office or old workshop, profit is all that matters to them.

A materialistic person is quite exactly not a villain and even not antihero. He sincerely believes in the rightness of his ideas and even partly is an idealist. He often follows Machiavelli thesis “Unarmed prophets always perished, and the armed won.” Therefore, he plays against villains on their rules.

For the sake of the higher blessing he is ready to go on murders, thefts, blackmail, terrorism, provocations and in general on complete uses the arsenal of bad fellows. And all this because he simply wants to attain a good aim by any accessible means and as quick as possible. Probably, once he was a romantic who disappointed in his ideals.

For such a person the end always justifies the means. If he operates against the system, then becomes a terrorist and revolutionary, wreaking the havoc for the sake of establishment of new order. For the sake of it he will sacrifice everything, including himself. However, unlike classic heroes and antiheroes, he does not at all hurries to accomplish heroic self-sacrifice. He rather sacrifices somebody.

If he works for the system, he, probably, will become the totalitarian defender and for the sake of maintenance of the system will do anything.

It is quite not obligatory for such person to be sociopath. However he can in natural way evolve from this form into pragmatic that found an aim in life and now will not lose for the world.

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