Essay on Benefits of Afforestation

Recently, they have asked me: “What inspired me to grow trees”? It made me fall to thinking. It would seem to be a simple question, but it made me take thought about what brought me over to that world understanding where I am now.

I was fond of trees since I was a child, and I always liked a lot to draw their roots, branches, their trunks of unusual involute form. Tree as a form are very interesting in itself and I could analyze them for hours and to see many various connections. Foremost, it is connection between the past, present, and future. Roots go downward, into the past, and branches grow upward and there are always new: they present the future. It is for reason that family is often presented as a large tree. In antiquity, people presented the worlds as based on tree. Even the word “antiquity” reminds me the word “tree.”

Even with a naked eye it is possible to see that the structure of a tree (its silhouette on the whole) is very similar with the patterns capillaries build-up in the animal and human, with lightning, with patterns the rivers draw on their way to the ocean. All these are universal and very well carefully thought out structures (fractals), more effective than you can think of something.

tree similarly is a priceless organism able to reach water from a depth as a large living pump, to give oxygen necessary to other organisms for the normal existence, provide a necessary microclimate, and cause fallouts. Yes, yes, the forest is able to cause fallouts on its own. The forest pumps water out from the ground and give it away via fumes, due to it there are clouds above the forest. The soil does never get dry there, it is because direct sunbeams do not get through the tree leaves and due to more short plants creating unique microclimate where in symbiosis lives a great number of living organisms. A tree similarly is a refuge for many organisms and is beaded in numerous connections with other plants and inhabitants.

It is nearly impossible to overestimate benefits of afforestation and created by it environment, id est the forests. Destroying the forests, people cause a lot of trouble for themselves: absence of fallouts (desertization), decreasing of springs, erosion of the slopes and rivers banks, formation of ravines, worsening of the air and reduction of humidity, and overall worsening of microclimate as a result.

Therefore, my answer to the question is: “I couldn’t do it other way.” Sometimes it seems to me that this the only virtue deserving efforts, although there actually many others.

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