Essay on Child Abandonment

There are various reasons for the child abandonment. Most often it happens that the abandoned child is left by a single mother. In a nursery home or hospital, a woman writes a statement renouncing their parental rights, leaving the child to the State. Unlike the found babies, the identity of the child in such cases is known. Having received the status of “abandoned,” the child should be sent to orphan’s institution or to the foster family.

The typical justification for such a step is the illness of a child. However, biological parents also often abandon completely healthy children: due to the scarcity of material status or household problems, or a minor mother due to the fear of persecution for unwanted pregnancies.

The kids are experiencing serious deficits in attention and communication that leads to the so-called emotional hunger, most of the time they spend in their beds, are not provided with personal items, hygiene supplies, means of care.

Psychologists warn against toughening laws against such will of the mother. In the face of even greater threat of child-murder, which today happens to be due to the same reasons.

Child abandonment can be traced in many cultures since the ancient times. Although such children could survive if they were taken by others in their care, this was often seen as a form of baby murder-as for example in the apologeticum of Tertullian: “it’s a very cruel way to kill [a child] … by exposing them to cold, hunger and dogs.”

Also in the early Middle Ages, there were babies left in this way. At that time, the law prescribed that such a child, if taken care of, should treat as a slave.

Until the end of the 18th century, it happened quite often that a mother or an older couple that could maintain no children for some reason, left the child at a church or the house of settling down, in the hope that it would be found in time, and would grow up in a better environment.

Sometimes it was a foundling abandoned children accompanied by a so-called note on which then the names and possibly the faith were mentioned.

Monasteries and hospitals were sometimes equipped with a hatch in which they could accept abandoned children so it was quickly found without the parents have to make themselves known. In addition, in many European countries such hatches should be installed near the roads for this need.

In the middle ages, parents of children who were abandoned were to be scaffold publicly for twelve days and then to be banished from the city. The foundling itself had to be carried on the arm of a servant and shown around the town.

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