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Air Traffic Control (ATC) is a system of organizational and technical measures, ensuring order and safety of aircraft within the airspace and the exchange of information between air-traffic controllers and the aircraft crews via radio communications, navigation, and computing.

Students writing their research papers on air traffic control may use free sample research papers to learn that air traffic control is the responsibility of the State. In Europe, the ATC functions are exercised by the Unified Air Traffic Control System (EU ATC).

In recent years, the term Air Traffic Management with abbreviations ATM is frequently used.

ATC includes large network of control points: district centers at aircraft lines, airport and air traffic control point(, local control points, and so on.

The aircraft is managed under visual flight rules (VFR) or instrument flight rules (IFR). During a flight on VFR flight crews are required to visually monitor other aircrafts (to avoid collisions), and should not be in the zone, with low clouds and poor visibility. The RFP used by crews operating aircraft instruments in the absence of Visual contact with the ground or other aircraft.

The crew may be guided by the rules of flight depending on the weather conditions, but in any case, the crew members are obliged to observe the cockpit indications and follow the national and international aviation regulations. For security purposes, civilian airliners usually use an RFP, except for flights on local airlines of the second category and aerial work.

When flying use aircraft separation.

The air traffic control system is an automated service provided by ground-based air traffic control services.

The system is required to guide an aircraft through the zone of its responsibility to prevent dangerous proximity of other aircrafts both horizontally and vertically. A secondary objective is to regulate the aircraft traffic and provide the necessary information to the crews, including weather reports and navigational options.

In many countries, the ATC covers all classes of aircraft: private, civilian and military. Depending on the flight and the type of aircraft, the ATC can give different instructions, obligatory for the crew of that aircraft, or simply provide the necessary flight information (including not obligatory for implementation). In any case, the crew is responsible for the safety of the flight and may deviate from the instructions in emergency situations.

The air traffic control system is a set of services, means, and technical installations at the airfield, designed to direct the takeoff, landing and taxiing of aircraft (planes, helicopters and gliders).

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