Research Paper on History of Body Modification

At the beginnings of the expansion in modern Western society, the of body modification was based on three subcultures: punks, modern savages, and fetishists. They became adepts of the phenomenon, which covered broad sectors of society and become truly universal by the 1980-1990’s of the 20th century. However, before talking about contemporary values, determined by the specific place, point group, we note that the body modification is not so young as it may seem at the first look on the neolith.

Use free sample research papers on the topic to learn that the history of body modification is not less than 10 thousand years old and has its origins in the African continent, the islands of Polynesia, as well as South and North America.

The history tells us that the Maasai tribe in Kenya is known for their ability to make giant holes in the ears of adults, and little smaller ones in those of their children. The piercing decorated with bead ornaments or wood is common there. In addition to that, their lips are decorated with up to several wood plates about the size of a good saucer. The women show off their marriage with long earrings of pearls, but not only them. The women of the Topos tribe still take out their lower teeth so that the teeth in the upper jaw pointed out as in cow, which is considered to be an example for a married woman; to their lower lip they have attached a long metal rod with a curved end.

One of the versions of the disfiguring of women in African States is that this was done intentionally to discourage eager to “live commodity” slave traders, often visitors in coastal areas in East and West Africa. A more ancient tradition implies the decorations in the form of a wedge-shaped plates or discs in the lips of women from African tribes Kishepo, Pokoty, with a cult of a particular bird species and desire to reach a large resemblance to their unusual beak.

In addition to the purely aesthetic values of each character of initiation, whether piercing the ears, mouth or nose, as well as body painting, scarification, tattoo, tonsure, teeth removal, excision, contains the information on the owner: of what tribe he is, his age group, exploits in war and love, social status.

In General, the value of the jewels, which are located near natural openings (nose, mouth, ears, genitals), is universal: these are always used to prevent infiltration into the body of the evil forces and bad energies.

Papuans divide decorations on “successful” and “unsuccessful” ones. A successful decoration should be brilliant, shine with thousands of colors; it portends wealth, shows that the gifts are repeatedly paid off. The best decorations change the one who wears them, beyond recognition. In primitive societies, the passion for body modification, to masquerade at times gets very far, turning people into magical animals or spirits (including ancestors).

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