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How could the concept of an organization’s culture influence Drew’s decision, according to the Organizational Culture Theory?
Over the years, the science of management has played a vital role in developing organizations and defining the manner in which start-ups operate. With a focus on organization culture theory, Michael Pacanowsky, and Nick O’Donnell-Trujillo bring to the mind the belief that organization culture theory defines communication methods of a given company and affect the perceptions of the individuals regarding the organization (West and Lynn 272). The theory affects the effectiveness of interaction among staff within an organization. Organizational culture, therefore, is the heart of a given organization because it consists of shared symbols and values that give meaning to the business (West and Lynn 276). For instance, the company’s stories, beliefs, and values define the culture of the organization. With a focus on the organizational culture theory, the essay seeks to identify how the concept of the theory might influence Drew’s decision towards choosing a company upon graduation. Drew is torn between choosing a family business and a bigger corporation after graduation. It is interesting to note that he is torn between choosing a family business versus working for a bigger corporation.

In the family business, Dre is familiar with most people because many of his family members work there and his father is the boss. On the contrary, the bigger corporation is located far away, and there is a possibility of him not knowing anyone. Furthermore, it is assumed that he might have limited room for growth compared to the family business. As mentioned above, different types of organizational culture guide member behaviors that lead to future expectations. These organizational cultures include organizational stories, shared values, and rites of passage that not only shape the characters of employees within an organization but also help employees achieve the set goals.

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Given the psychological climate, the emotional, and the atmosphere of the workplace, Drew could be prompted to choose the family business because of the advantages that might come along given the environment. Being a family company, it can be argued that Drew could be encouraged to be productive because of the interaction he might have with the staff at the company. He could also be driven to choose the family business because it might be easier for him to get along with those he is familiar to compared to those nothing about.

While the above-noted definitions of organization culture express how the construct plays out in the workplace, the environment might be favorable for Drew to familiarise himself with the set cultures in the family business. Within the enterprise, and the fact that Drew is close to people in the company, his behaviors can easily be shaped given their interaction methods. According to organizational culture theory, cultural meaning, as well as the understanding of set measures are achieved through the interactions employees and management have with one another. It is noteworthy that the shared culture might influence how employees of a given company relate and identify with their organization.

Following the points obtained from organizational culture theory, it is worth taking into account that its method might impact an employee’s decision towards a given company. As mentioned above, the organizational culture includes set organizational beliefs, shared values, and rites of passage that lead how employees behave. The set cultures play a vital role in influencing productivity, employee engagement within the organization, and their commitment towards achieving targeted goals.

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