Exploitation of Migrant Workers Essay

1. Berg, Laurie, and Bassina Farbenblum. “Remedies For Migrant Worker Exploitation In Australia: Lessons From The 7-Eleven Wage Repayment Program.” Melbourne University Law Review 3 (2017): n. pag. Web. 4 Nov. 2018.
The article by Laurie Berg and Bassina Farbenlum embarks upon the problems of migrant workers in Australia who do not receive adequate wages and suffer from a variety of issues due to the severe underpayment. The authors expose the problem of underpayment in some of the major corporations who hire migrants and international students so that they can save some money by not paying them sufficiently. The authors support their thesis with the testimonies of the international students and working migrants from various countries who work in Australia and do not receive payments sufficient to the work they do. The authors talk about the historical background and the impact of the globalization on the job market in Australia to further emphasize their thesis. The major problem, as the author sees it, is that the employers in Australia are reluctant to pay more to the immigrants because of the biased attitude they have towards them. The authors of the article have a point since it is true that the employers do not want to pay much to the immigrants considering them to be more willing to work for any wage they get offered. This indicates an alarming trend in the labor market that impacts both immigrants and the locals. The authors admit that the immigrants are more likely to accept a lower wage offer, and as a result, they occupy the workplaces that would in other way be occupied by the locals. Thereby, the labor market suffers significantly because of the underpayment issue. The other thing here is that the quality of life of the immigrants gets much worse due to the underpayment problem.

2. Meyer, Sarah R. et al. “Trafficking, Exploitation And Migration On The Thailand-Burma Border: A Qualitative Study.” International Migration 53.4 (2014): 37-50. Web.
The article by Sarah Meyer and the research team exposes the issues of the immigrant workers in Thailand, essentially, the workers from Burma. It is not only that Burmese people travel to Thailand in a search of a job, but they also get illegally trafficked to Thailand as the factory workers. The authors expose the unfair and often inhumane conditions of work and the exploitation of the Burmese people at Thai cloth factories. The example of the cloth factories is one of the most explicit when it comes to the illegal trafficking of the workforce and even child labor. The major problem with the exploitation of Burmese workers is that they have no other option but to comply with the terrible conditions of employment. They literally have no choice but to work in these harsh conditions because they have to make at least some money for themselves and their families in Burma. Although the authors do not talk about child labor in Thailand, it is also a vibrant topic that needs to be mentioned for the proper understanding of the issue. The authors conducted a study based on the interviews with the Burmese workers in Thailand in order to investigate for how long they usually work there, what makes them work there, and what the working conditions are for them. The results of the study are unsettling since it shows how horrid the conditions of the employment are for the majority of the workers. The other issue is that the workers get to Thailand with the help of third parties who then take money for the assistance with the employment, and thus, the workers are often trapped in the debt pit that keeps them working for the same employer for years.

3. Gausi, Tamara Gausi. “The Many Faces Of Labour Exploitation.” Equal Times. N.p., 2018. Web. 4 Nov. 2018.
The online article posted by Tamara Gausi is dedicated to the problems of Asian immigrant labor force in various countries. The author explores the problems faced by Asian working immigrants in the Middle East, Europe, and the US. The author also mentions the issue of the Child labor and the alarming rates of Asian children being involved in child labor. This article attempts to explore the problem from a variety of perspectives, and although it does not give any new data in this context, it provides a summarized information on what happens to the working immigrants from Asia in different countries. The article is highly informative on the issue and provides chunks of information regarding different countries that have become the new home for millions of working immigrants. There is a need to admit that the author expressed some degree of emotional relation to the issues of the Asian working immigrants who suffer from such problems as insufficient and dangerous working conditions, underpayment, and the total absence of any social package. The article might be considered a sort on an introductory source to the issue since it does not do any own research and simply summarizes the findings of journalists from different resources; however, it comprises a valuable information on the issue. The problems of working immigrants from Asia, as well as from other regions, are critical and many of them never reach the goals they hoped to accomplish when they tried to work abroad. However, millions of people flee their homelands each year to try and make a decent living abroad, help their families, and make some fortune to return home and live decently with their families.

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