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Bosnian war (March 1, 1992 – December 14, 1995;) is an acute ethnic conflict on the territory of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (former SR Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of Yugoslavia) between the armed forces of the Serbs (Army of Republika Srpska), Muslim autonomists (people’s Defence of Western Bosnia), Bosnians (the army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Croats (Croatian Defence Council). At the initial stage of the war, the Yugoslav people’s army also took participation. The further stages of the conflict involved the army of Croatia, volunteers and mercenaries from all sides and NATO armed forces.

Use free sample research papers on the topic to understand that Bosnian war began following the breakup of Yugoslavia. After the secession of Slovenia and Croatia from the Yugoslavia Republic in 1991, it was the turn of the multi-national Bosnia and Herzegovina Socialist Republic, which were primarily populated by Bosniaks (44%, mostly Moslems), Serbs (31%, mostly Orthodox) and Croats (17%, mainly Roman Catholics). A referendum on independence was held on February 29, 1992. However, the results were rejected by Bosnian Serb leaders, who did not recognized the results and declared Bosnian Serb Republic. After the declaration of independence, a war broke out in which the Bosnian Serbs have received support from the Government of Serbia, headed by Slobodan Milosevic, and the Yugoslav people’s army. Soon after hostilities have flared up throughout the Republic and the first ethnic cleansing began, primarily in Eastern Bosnia against Bosniak population.

The original conflict broke out between the army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, consisting mainly of Bosniaks, the Croatian Defence Council and the armed forces of the Republika Srpska, consisting of Serbs. The Croats, interested in joining the territories inhabited by the Croats to Croatia, halted military action against the Serbs and began the war with the Bosniaks.

The Serbs initially outnumbered their opponents because of the large number of weapons and equipment, recompense from the YNA; however, at the end of the war they lost the advantage because the Bosniaks and Croats united against the Republika Srpska, in 1994, with the establishment of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina after the Washington agreement. After Srebrenica and the Markale market second explosion in 1995, NATO intervened in the war with an operation against the Bosnian Serb army that has become a key event to end the war and lead to signing a peace agreement in France on December 21, 1995. The peace talks in Dayton, Ohio, on December 21, 1995 ended with signing of documents known as the Dayton Agreement.

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